NGD - Another Amazon find, the WestCreek DC

I love a P90 and I’ve been wanting a P90 machine for a while, that itch has now been scratched. For now.

This is the DC from WestCreek Guitars and it cost me the outrageous sum of $259 CAD. For perspective, I ordered pizza this past Friday and it cost me close to $60 with the delivery and tip. Not sure how that is relevant, I just wanted to mention that I had pizza and it wasn’t cheap. :smiley:

Anyway, this is a single P90, 24 3/4" scale length, mahogany body, maple neck, and a claimed rosewood fretboard, I’m not sure if this is rosewood or not. This guitar also comes with hemispherical fret ends that I absolutely love on some of my other guitars and it weighs just over 7lbs, and the pickup sounds great!

The only thing that keeps this from being a perfect cheap guitar is that a few of the frets are just ever so slightly too short and don’t reach the edge of the fretboard. This is purely an aesthetic thing and doesn’t affect playability but once seen, you can’t unsee it.

Surprisingly, I’ve decided not to send it back, I’m going to keep it and at some point in the future, I am going to use it to teach myself how to dress stainless steel hemispherical frets and install them. On the way as I type this is a new Gotoh 510U bridge and some locking tuning machines.


Happy NGD!! It’s a lovely shade of blue.

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I was surprised that I liked the color as much as I do, Sonic Blue on other guitars doesn’t do much for me but on this one I really like it.

She looks good!
Nice find!

Enjoy the new guitar Richard!

Did you have the pizza by yourself or shared it? Sounds like an expeensive pizza to share :joy: For a quarter of the price of the guitar, it better had been a good pizza!


Yeah, I think it’s a killer-looking guitar in an understated sort of way. I’m loving the whole Tele meets a Junior vibe. I can’t wait to get the Gotoh bridge mounted.

Love this headstock shape. . .

And yes, :pizza: is for sharing. :smiley:
We ordered two pies and they were delicious!


Happy NGD.
I do like the aesthetic of a DC with P90s.
All for for the price of 4 pizzas. Wow.



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Happy NGD Richard. Looks lovely.

Sounds like you get your pizza’s from Domino’s. :laughing:

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That was a spectacular guess, yeah, it was Dominos. The sad part is that ordering the good stuff costs even more!

I’ll save those pennies though, because doing so lets me buy some fancy hardware.

The new Gotoh 510 in now here and it will feel and look much nicer. . .

and it’ll put an end to this.

There are new tuning machines coming too, also 510s from Gotoh, but I think I’m going to keep the half-moon buttons from the original tuners.

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