NGD - beginner rig

Had major surgery and off work for 3 months and always wanted to learn the guitar so started the beginner course with a friends very old and cheap electric guitar and amp which didn’t sound good, wasnt inspiring, and had terrible strings.

After much reading and research on here and online I found a second hand guitar on EBay - Yamaha Revstar RSE20. Great condition and price.
Also stumped up for a new amp - Blackstar debut 15e.

I can’t put it down, enjoying it so much more, I cannot believe how good the sound is and new strings feel so much better. Looking forward to enjoying getting through Grade 1 soon.


Lovely looking rig. Never played a Revstar, but I have heard really good things, and Chris Buck clearly likes them!

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Hi pleased to meet you mate and I am exactly the same major surgery and no going back to work for mew, so my old guitar is my best mate again, and this place is brilliant once I get the hang of it and good luck with your playing I’m not far in front of you cheers Hec

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Nice, enjoy those!

The revstar seems like an excellent guitar

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Happy NGD Jason, have fun with your new axe.

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Poor equipment probably results in many failures in the journey to learn guitar. Sad really. I am glad you took the initiative to recognize that and up your game! So fun when it is fun and inspiring.

That looks like nice gear, enjoy!


That’s an awesome looking setup Jason, I hear so much good about those revstars and that’s a cracking colour.
Happy NGD, it’s clearly suiting you well, enjoy :heart::guitar:

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Yup, I was right, I shouldn’t have opened this thread. Now I want a Revstar. Does anyone know of any good 12-step programs for guitar hoarders? :crazy_face:

Jason, that is a really good-looking guitar, I like the go-fast stripes. Congratulations and enjoy!


Step 1 - buy guitar
Step 2 - buy guitar

Step 12 - buy guitar


It’s like you’ve known me for years! :heart_eyes:


Live your dreams!

They can’t stop you.

If you run fast enough out of the store.


Nice one.

I picked up a Revstar last year as my “living away from home” guitar (I’ve been working in South East Asia for the last 2 years). They are great guitars.

I was originally planning on selling it when I went back home to the UK, but have decided to keep it, and took it back home when I visited last December.

Enjoy, and heal quickly and well.



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No but I have a mental image….

Picture a group of people all ages, who obviously come from different backgrounds, cultures & races, sitting in a church or civic building, clutching their paper cups of apple juice or water….

I stand & say “Hi everyone, I’m Tod & I have a problem!”
The group in unison, “Hi Tod! What’s your problem?”
I reply: “I’m buying guitars, amps, pedals and other fun stuff every chance I get. I’m eyeing new gear all the time. I play guitar instead of taking care of my chores. I stay up late watching Justin, Paul Davids, Rhett Shull, Mary Spender, Rick Beato & others. The customer service guy at D’Angelico & I are on a first-name basis as are my Sales Engineers at Musician’s Friend, Sweetwater & my local Guitar Center… my wife thinks I love guitar more than I love her!!!”

I sit down. Everyone is quiet & exchanges puzzled looks. There’s quite a bit of shrugging going on. Finally the group moderator stands & asks me to stand back up & says:

“C’mon Tod, it’s time to come clean… tell us the PROBLEM!!!”




Tod , I have your award badge mate…


Hi Jason,
Happy NGD and NAD :sunglasses: :partying_face: :sunglasses: :partying_face:

I am really happy to read that you like it so much and enjoy it every day :smiley:, I really hope that your health is slowly or fast moving in the right direction,


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Hi Jason, what a beautiful guitar you have there! Happy you’ve found a guitar you really like. Wish you all the best!


Enjoy the guitar and journey. :smiley:


A very nice looking setup there Jason. That Revstar looks sweet. Oh and a Blackstar. Maybe you are going to be a big star?

I’ll get my coat.

Happy NG and NAD.


I like that one! Especially the clean looking chrome hardware, the headstock shape, and… the white stripes. This one’s begging to play the Seven Nation Army riff (please excuse the pun). :sunglasses:

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Happy NGD Jason! What a great way to spend a recovery!

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