NGD Epiphone Les Paul Custom

Well it’s so rare that I purchase a new guitar ( last one was I think 2020) that I thought I’d create a new topic for once.

I had to wait a couple of months but got it at a very good price. I have to admit it sounds very very nice. I was expecting something similar to my PRS SE Custom 24 but actually it’s much better particularly for clean.


Beautiful guitar!

Enjoy it, Jason.

I would also have expected similar to the PRS which sounds pretty good from all I’ve heard at OMs and on Retrospective videos. So what was it that set off the GAS pressure, leading to another dual HB guitar?

Wow! Very nice! Love the black and gold together.

Yeah I expected them to sound pretty similar but they are distinctly different. I’d almost describe the LP as more melodic and less harsh than the PRS particularly for cleans. For driven tones the PRS is probably slightly tighter but that may be I just need to get the pickup selection etc. right on the LP. On the plus side it still works with all my current PodGo presets without fiddling with them so I can switch between them both easily. The price point is pretty similar to the PRS but the output just sounds fuller, better. Very subjective I know.

The GAS was simply because I realised I only had a single guitar really suitable for gigging. The other two I’ve got are 112V strat and a HB Tele…they just wouldn’t work as substitutes (although at a push the Strat could sub for most songs).

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Wow Jason, ya really scored good with that one!
Beautiful guitar man.

I’m kinda down with them Epiphones. My last two guitar purchases were Epiphones.
I love both of them and they both play real good.

I just looked at your signature I guess it’s called. You listed your guitars.
Man, you got some good taste in guitars I think.
Especially in acoustics. I Don’t think I’m gonna ever get rid of my DR-500MCE/NA. :wink:
What a big full tone that guitar produces. I fell in love with mine from near the moment I got it a a couple years ago.
I got a weird one though. I only got the piezo pu in mine, no neck PU. + mines got fishman preamp which is odd too. I find very little info on the one I got. My best guess it’s a end of run guitar prior to being discontinued. The one I got is also I think the Indonesian version. I guess they came from China or Indonesia.
Sorry I got off track about your DR-500MCE. I just couldn’t help myself… :slight_smile:

Anyways, your new Les Paul Custom is a very nice addition to your collection of guitars. Congrats!


the day i bought my masterbilt was the day i sold my martin. DR 500 sounded soooooo much better

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@HappyCat @LesPaulMoreRay I have a DR500MCE NA too.
@Rossco01 ooh happy NGD
My grandson yearns for a Les Paul Custom.

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and I can confirm it’s very nice. I did almost go the whole hog and drop into the Gibson blackhole but I don’t think I could ever have contemplated taking it to some of the places we play given the price :rofl:

Nice guitar!
I also have a PRS SE Custom 24. It is such a beautiful sounding guitar (when somebody else plays it!!!)


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Congratulations, such a beautiful guitar!
I’m more of a Burst guy, but there’s something very special about both black and white Customs.

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Lovely looking guitar. Enjoy

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Nice guitar Jason, enjoy!!

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Sweet new guitar!

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Nice!!! :heart_eyes:
Congrats with a new beuty Jason.

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That’s sweet looking Epi Jason. Happy NGD !

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Looks very nice. Congratulations Jason :+1:

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Happy NGD Jason. It looks pretty cool in black.

:rofl: :rofl: Just leave the Gibson at home on those occasions. :smiley:

Happy NGD Jason :partying_face: :sunglasses:

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ooh, Black n Gold. nice


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