NGD - First store purchase in 20+ years

Hey all - after a 20 plus year hiatus I got back into learning guitar midway through 2022. At the time I just sort of randomly purchased a Squier Telecaster and amp off Facebook. I lucked out that it ended up feeling really good in my hands and that I enjoyed it quite a bit.

I’ve loved reigniting my passion for music and guitar (though I wish my talent matched my ability) and the lessons by Justin have been a huge reason why.

Anyhow, after six months I decided maybe it was time to explore getting a new guitar. Some thing I took the time to play and try out instead of a used Facebook purchase.

After trying several different brands and models of various guitars, last night I found what I wanted.

Meet my new Epiphone ES-335


She’s a beaut Adam, you can’t beat going to play in store first, especially for an investment like that. Did you try that against any others or was your heart set and she met expectations?

Enjoy, happy NGD! :guitar: :+1: :metal:

I considered and tried several different things. Everything from Jazzmasters, Strats, maybe an upgraded Telecaster, Les Pauls (Epiphone), and a few other Semi-Hollows such as the Riviera and a Gretsch or two. Since I already have the solid body that I do enjoy playing I decided to go with something fairly different. Semi-hollow vs solid body, humbuckers vs single coil, etc.

Plus, with any luck I’ll continue improving and continue my journey and there will be plenty of time to upgrade and celebrate another NGD in the future!


Well you’ve got the inspiration right there :wink: No doubt you will :+1:

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Nice!! :fire::fire::fire:

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Happy NGD Adam! Love that finish, looks ace. :sunglasses:

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That is properly lovely. Hope you enjoy playing it / her :slight_smile:

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Happy NGD Adam and a classic colour for a 335. Enjoy!

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Hi Adam,
Happy NGD :partying_face: :sunglasses:
Beautiful guitar to see…I wish you a lot of time together :grinning:

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So far the best thing about the second guitar is I can keep my butterscotch squier tele in Open G tuning and riff like Keith all day long. Well not like keith, but you know what I mean :slight_smile:

Congratulations, she’s a beauty.

Very Nice!!! Happy NGD!!!

Sexy beast! Happy NGD.

How many strings do you have on it? :smiley:

Congats on the 335 looks gorgeous

5 on the tele with the Open G :wink:


Enjoy your new guitar, and I hope you have many happy hours together.

Congratulations! That’s a beautiful instrument.
New Epiphones are great and really pretty. I have an SG '61 and I loved to just look at it. :heart_eyes:
And red 335 (45/55) is one of my dream guitars. Yeah, Marty McFly and Chuck Berry did a pretty good job engraving this iconic look into my brain, but no complains here.

Happy NGD Adam.

That is one tasty looking guitar. I love the colour.

I hope it bring you many years of playing happiness.

Love the color! Enjoy!

At the end of the day don’t we all just want to be Marty McFly?