NGD - First Tele

Hi, Just wanted to share I was given a present from my wife as a 25th anneversary present. My firtst electric guitar. A MIJ Fender Telecaster 50s style buterscotch colour.
Ive played acoustic for a while (and love pluggin in) and this is my first electric. Excited to start learning a new instrument.


A buterscotch tele, I can hear the toan from here!

Congrats looks sweet!

It will play like butter! Enjoy and congratulations!

Looks incredible, you have to record something with it and share!

:rofl: me too!

Luscious. Happy NGD

Congrats on the anniversary, Bradley, and enjoy exploring the joys of electric guitar, can’t go wrong with a butterscotch tele.

Awesome guitar, my favorite color for a Tele. Congrats!

Happy NGD Brad.

Sexy guitar. I have one just like it but mine is a G&L.

Hi Bradley,
Happy NGD… :partying_face:
Absolutely a beautiful guitar :sunglasses:

Happy NGD Brad. Looks a beaut!

Classic tele look and style there, happy NGD!

Happy NGD!
Very nice, the MIJ ones are as good as the USA made ones if not better.
Enjoy, nice little tube amp would be ideal for that :ok_hand:

Happy anniversary and happy NGD Brad.
Wow on both.