NGD - for my wife!

Not a guitar, an autoharp! Tina’s been champing at the bit for her own music journey, and this week was a big one! This beautiful baby arrived yesterday and after a 2+ hour tuning sesh, we knocked out a few tunes!

Tina also started a Scottish Gaelic singing class, so she’ll be able to accompany herself with ease.

Too bad there isn’t a Justin for autoharp! :laughing:


Congrats to your wife. That is a cool looking instrument. I’ve heard of them, probably even heard them play without knowing it. Two hours of tuning? dang!

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Congrats, looks ummm difficult!!! I hope it doesn’t go out of tune often

I’m glad you told us what it is because I’d have been guessing between musical instrument, something for making clothes or an torture device :joy:


It’s got 36 strings and it was very out of tune when it arrived. Cat Power plays an autoharp on Sea of Love . And honestly, my wife’s autoharp sounds nicer.

It’s actually dead easy to play. You push down on the buttons in the middle and it mutes every string that isn’t in that chord. Then, you strum! Of course, there’s a lot you do with it, but just think: no learning chords!


That looks really interesting - apart from the tuning!! Not much time left for playing after a 2 hour tuning session. I’m guessing though that if she keeps up the tuning regularly it won’t take much time at all going forward.

Maybe we’ll see a duet one day? I went down a bit of a :rabbit::hole: googling autoharps after reading your post, and there are several songs I know (of) that use an auto harp in the recording.

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John Sebastian of The Lovin’ Spoonful played autoharp on a lot of their songs. He has lessons on YouTube.


Looks beautiful! That was my gateway instrument 2 years ago, got my own D’Aigle 'harp then started the guitar, added the bass guitar and now playing around with the ukulele. Enjoy playing together!!

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You sound like me! Now that I’ve got the music bug, I’m looking at all kinds of other instruments: baritone guitar, theremin, bodhran, tin whistle…

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