NGD: Gretsch Electromatic Double Jet

Very happy with this, giving me a very different tone to my Tele and will allow me to channel my inner Malcolm Young. Suffering with neck dive so I’ll add a suede lined Heistercamp strap to stop it sliding.

Wanted one for ages but been waiting for the price to drop, got it as an absolute bargain as well at £399.

And with its new friends.


Beautiful :ok_hand:

Nice quiver you are building there!

What a beauty!!!

Happy New Guitar Day!!

gorgeous look snice!

Hi Eryl,
Happy NGD :partying_face: :sunglasses:

Looks fabulous, Eryl. enjoy the Malcolm channeling. Fine looking collection of instruments.

Happy NGD.
Now wrench out the neck pickup and stuff the cavity with an old sock!

Happy NGD Eryl. That is a lovely looking guitar. I hope you’re pleased with it.

Richard, you silver tongued so and so. :wink:

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Sweet! That’s a nice-looking guitar!
Congratulations & happy NGD!! :partying_face:

Nice collection you got there bro’ and that Gretsch was a cracking bargain!