NGD - gretsch G2210

I just bought myself a new toy
A Gretsch G2210 Streamliner Junior Jet Club - imperial stain

In the next months I will try to upgrade my gear which was a very basic guitar set for beginners
I bought it just to see if I will get hooked and not stop playing after just a few weeks …
Now its time to buy some better equipment
A huge thanks to @DarrellW for all his advices on what to buy :slight_smile:

the first step is this really nice Gretsch

I need to get used to the new neck and she’s a bit heavier than my old plonk plonk
nothing that a few days of practice can t overcome :smiley:

( The cat behind is Maxwell, he likes music , last evening he tried to play some piano on his own … I was trying to get some sleep so it wasn t the best timing to play piano )


That’s one very nice Streamliner, I have a G2622T and its a joy to play.
Happy NGD Deborah !

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Very nice looking guitar (I’m a sucker for good natural wood finishes). Enjoy.

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Hi Deborah,
Happy NGD :partying_face: :sunglasses:

I liked that colour a lot :sunglasses: ,and I wish you a lot of time together,
Well Maxwell ,good luck when she is sound testing the Gr%$#@ out of it :grin:



Happy NGD, Deborah! :partying_face: :smiley:

What a beauty! Wish you loads of fun and joy together! :slight_smile:

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me too , thats what got my interest at first and then , when i heard its sound it was sold :smiley:
I tested several guitars before chosing this one :slight_smile:

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Way more expensive , I need to play better before buying this kind of gear :smiley:

The G2622T really do sounds nice
do you use it for the BLIM ?

Planning to rotate around the collection and get a feel for what sounds good, with the different style of Blues. I have a couple of Washburn hollow bodies that are 335 clones that are good Blues tools as well. Lots of choice ! :rofl:

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Very nice looking guitar and it gets top reviews over at Sweetwater. Always nice to step up from a beginner guitar.

yeah its quite amazing to find such a good guitar at this price range

true ! thats where the real journey begins

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Well so you gone and done it :grin:
She looks gorgeous, have you given her a name yet? Great choice, yes they are a little bit heavy but not as heavy as an Epiphone equivalent! A decent wide (around 75mm) strap will help a lot, and don’t forget to use strap locks. I do have a bit of advice with choice of what to get there which will save you money!
Have fun and enjoy it, make sure that you keep her where she can see you - she’ll be calling you to pick her up more often :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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no … im not good at this kind of thing :sweat_smile:

I will buy them a little bit later , i ve never done it before

your advices were good so far , so one more is welcome :smiley:

she s right next to my working desk


Haha, do you want some help? Do you have a favourite girls name? Is there a female artist who you really like? Do you have a favourite actress?
There’s a couple of ideas for starters!

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Is Grolsch a factor ? :rofl:


Congrats on the new guitar!
Untill now, i wasn’t aware that gretsch made solidbody guitars…

I hope you’ll enjoy playing this one!

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Spot on !

me neither
I discovered it while looking at the star music website

My mother said : call her Gretschen … My god , NO !!!


:scream: :scream: :scream:

How terrible, that’s really not nice ,

How about PRS?

Greetings :laughing:


That’s not bad, I can think of worse names :laughing:
When I started learning mine got called “Thatbloodythingupthecorner” :face_with_hand_over_mouth::grin::laughing::rofl:


Nice name :rofl:

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Nice! I never played Gretsch, still on my to-do list…

Are you planing to get a setup done?
I send all my guitars for a setup as soon as possible and it always seems like it is taking forever for them to do it :slight_smile:

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