NGD - Hagstrom Ultra Max Special - Sanguine Red Burst 🎸

@nzmetal Thanks Jeff! Thanks for the nice comment! I already love it!
@CD02 Thanks, Graig!


This side of the forum is great :smiley: Tell you what though, the BLIM area is SUPER busy, I can’t keep up with it!


Moin’ Andrea :grinning:
Doing a bit of ‘catch up’ this morning and caught sight of this beauty :open_mouth:
I have great fondness for the Hagström brand.
I bought a Viking semi-hollow on the advice of our sensei, Richard and loved it.
Unfortunately the body was a bit too unwieldy for me to play in my favourite practice position (lying down on the couch in front of the TV :roll_eyes:) so it was reluctantly sold for a more comfortable tele style G&L
I’m sure you’ll love it even more as time progresses.

Pass auf, meine Liebe! :wink: :rofl:

Hello Andrea :smiley:

Happy NGD :partying_face:

Oh yes, you need a red one in your collection, but your new guitar family member is especially beautiful :heart_eyes:
Really outstanding - I love the colour (and everything else) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Surely you are going to have tons of fun together :musical_note: :guitar: :notes:

Greetings :lady_beetle:


What are the chances… 2 references in 24 hours about this Brian thingie :rofl:

Best dressed …musicians


… and I comment on the one I wasn’t tagged in :wink: :rofl:

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I remember this one, I tried a Viking at my local guitar store, a very beautiful guitar, felt very comfortable and I almost bought it, but did not due to the size. Unfortunately as a small store he couldn’t order any Swedes or Ultra Max for a reasonable price. Not so easy to get a Hagstrom here.

I do, I do :joy:!
@Gunhild Thanks Gunhild! We already get closer and I hope to get to a decent level - one day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:!


Beautiful guitar!!

My excuse when I wanted to buy my Olive green double bound tele was that it was a Fender special run and therefore wouldn’t be available later. Just like your Hagstrom. Then, I got a semi hollow because someone was selling it cheap and I concluded that i could never pass up such a great opportunity as I would never het such a good offer. I didn’t regret either and I’m only on Grade 2!

This is all just today that you will surely find an excuse to add that Tele player plus to your collection as well!!! What colour was it? That’s important!!!

Have fun with the NG. It looks great.

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Thanks, Ian! There is a saying, that a new guitar will find us…
I’m very aware, that a new guitar won’t make me a better player and I’m by far not at that point, where e.g. I “need” certain gear for a special purpose.
I tried a whole bunch of different guitar shapes before and I couldn’t believe, how different two guitars with the same shape can feel. My ratio told me definitely not to buy a guitar online! It was kind of a lottery, but it was such a, how we call it, hop or top moment…
Enough guitars for now, but I’m sure, at a point…

sweet guitar, congratulations :smiley:

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