NGD! Harley Benton SC550+ EMG

Pics first, words later!

Yes, I know I should put it on a stand!

Link to full spec.

A little gift to myself to celebrate restarting my journey after a brief 15 year gap!

Why this one? I’ve a very cheap Strat clone I’ve kept from the first time around, it works but I’ve always liked the single cut / Les Paul style so wanted something better quality but not uber-expensive. After many hours of watching and reading reviews and looking at the options this seemed to hit the mark on price, features and quality so out came the plastic and a week later a big box arrived from Germany (I’m in the UK)…

I’m nowhere near expert enough to give a very authoritative review but here are my first thoughts…

The finish quality looks superb though the rhythm/treble ‘poker’ chip is slightly rotated to one side - it’s also like that in the ‘official’ photos so that’s possibly intentional?

The fret ends are very nicely rounded and polished. I haven’t checked them all for level but I can’t detect any buzz.

Setup - 4 of the strings were tuned correctly, the other 2 were slightly flat. I also invested in a string height gauge - the action was set at 1.75mm at the 6th string, 1.5mm at the first. Intonation was correct and the neck is straight.

The fretboard radius is bigger than my Strat and the neck is thinner, so far I’ve found it easier to play than the Strat but it’s very early days.

I wasn’t too sure about the idea of active pickups but they work and first impressions are that they are a great improvement on the Strat. I’m running it into an Orange Crush 20RT but haven’t had time to play around with it yet. The battery was fitted, which was nice.

So far it gets a big :+1:


Looks great congrats!

Its kinda at the angle your hand would be using it at, if it was square it wouldnt be, if you think about an extended strum position to change it whilst playing.

Congratulations! Woo hoo! Yipeee

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Ooh, lookee here at the shiny shiny!
Very nice.
Happy NGD.

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Happy NGD Andy,
:sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunflower: :bouquet: :hatching_chick: :confetti_ball:
I wish you a lot of fun and happiness with this beautiful guitar,

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Congratulations Andy. Looks great. And the LPs look much better without the pickguard. Rock on!

Being a big fan of HB guitars I think you’ve made an excellent choice, it’s a very nice spec and I’m sure that you’re going to have several years of fun with it.
Congratulations on your NGD, enjoy :metal: :metal: :metal:

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Now we’ve seen it, time to hear it :wink:
Looking very very nice.
Happy NGD Andy.

Happy new guitar day Andy. That is a lovely looking instrument.

Enjoy. :slight_smile:

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Good point! Things that aren’t square tend to jump out at me (probably because I’m really bad at getting things square), hadn’t thought it might be intentional :grinning:

Hear it?! Not quite there yet - maybe in a year or so!

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