NGD - I Bought an Amp - Boss Katana 100 MkII

Yup, that’s what I was reading in the Community, so I figure why not, especially with my guy there knocking another $30 off the price. I guess it helps when you’re buying a whole bunch of stuff at the same time!

Would you know what this one is called? I’m sure I can find it, (could be a good Christmas gift for me? :joy:)

Thanks, I did good there, my PRS sounds so, so much better than my Squier Bullet. And then reminds me, need to plug that in and see if the new amp helps it at all.

So much to play with now! :smiley:


I certainly do. There are two to chose from…

The old one. This is the one I have.

And the new one.

Merry Christmas. :smiley: