NGD - I Bought an Amp - Boss Katana 100 MkII

Because I ended up buying a less expensive Breedlove acoustic than I thought I would 3 weeks ago, I bought myself an amp to replace my 15-watt Peavey Audition practice amp. It arrived today as I had to wait till I got home from vacation for delivery. I tried it out at Sweetwater with the acoustic guitars I tested as well as one of their PRS electrics.

And though it has the ability to play my new acoustic through it, mainly, it’s for my PRS Soapbar 2.

Now to figure out how to use all the knobs! :rofl:

PS (My husband still thinks I’m going to blow out my eardrums).


haha nice! They seem a decent little amp.

make sure you turn it up to 11

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I’ll wait till it’s warm enough to open the window!

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Honestly the good thing about modelling amps is you can play them quietly or use headphones and you get the same sound

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I have the 50W MKII. I love it! Is so versatile and has pretty much everything you need. You’ll have a lot of fun figuring out all the sounds and effects.


Start moving some air. Good times!

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Happy NAD, enjoy.

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Stupid me, of course there will be a topic, I should have known but I’m not fully awake yet…well, again…

:partying_face: :sunglasses: Happy NAD


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Hello Rebecca :smiley:

Congrats on your new amp :partying_face:

Looks great and I’m sure it’ll sound terrific.
I have the smaller brother (50w), and like it a lot.

Have lots of fun and rock your neighbors :notes:

PS: Guitar is beautiful, too. Love the colour :guitar:


Nice Happy NGD Remember goes up to 11 :upside_down_face: hope you enjoy :love_you_gesture: :guitar:

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Sweet Rebecca! That’ll certinaly make you quickly forget the Peavey I’m sure, have fun getting lost in all the tone choices!

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Happy NAD Rebecca, I’m sure that you’re gonna enjoy getting used to it, not sure about your neighbours though :laughing:
Have fun!

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Excellent score Rebecca!
And congratulations for sure.

That’ll make your audition obsolete at your house. Got any kids that don’t play? Give that peavey to them. That’s what happened to my audition 20. I gave it to my boy, who don’t play.
That new amp is just gonna be night and day in tone compared to your old amp.

Hope you really enjoy it.
Having a good sounding amp imho is very important (it’s inspiring). That boss is tried and true.

Rock On!

Oh, fwiw, you don’t have to turn it up to 11 to enjoy it… :wink:
For sure, give it a try (100w will move air and rattle windows I’d guess), but I find I play at much lower volumes than my amp is capable of and get some very tasty/beautiful/fine tones at volume that don’t literally blow me away… Not that I ain’t tried 10 too… :slight_smile:

Happy NAD!

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Wow Rebecca, that seems to be a proper amp. Congratulations! :partying_face:

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Hi Rebecca!

Congratulations on getting the Katana 100 & Happy NGD!

I’ve had the Katana 50 for a while now & still haven’t gotten the knobs all figured out!!! You’re going to find that there’s a lot of sounds built in & then the Boss tone studio if you want even more versatility!!!
Good for you!!!
Play happy!!!


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I have the Katana 100 and, like you, have a PRS electric and an acoustic guitar.

My observations:

1.) You need to use Boss Tone Studio program as this makes it much easier to set amp parameters. Downloading presets is easy and much faster path to getting something you like.

2.) There is a Noise Suppression (NS) button in the program that substantially eliminates background hiss. I use it on all of my presets.

3.) Starting out, I would recommend mostly just using some Reverb, some EQ (tone) adjustments to personal taste, and little to no gain. As time goes on, add one Effect at a time to see what you like. Otherwise, it will be like trying to drink water from a firehose.

4.) There is a myth that a 100 W amp is going to blow out the neighborhood just because it’s 100 W. There are multiple volume controls on the amp and in each of the effects.

5.) The amp will sound much different on the floor than if raised and angle upwards. The Boss amp stand made a huge improvement for me.

6.) The acoustic channel is just ok with minimal Reverb and nothing else, but not great. I’m looking at acoustic amps now for practice and performance.


Congratulations and have fun with it!

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Congratulations Rebecca! Happy NGD! :tada:
Excellent choice! I also have the smaller 50 Mk11, and very happy with it. Though must confess, I still haven’t explored its full potential (figured out how to use all the knobs :see_no_evil: :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:)
Your guitar looks amazing too! :guitar: :heart_eyes: and love the matching strap! :sunflower:


Great buying, Rebecca! They’re terrific amps :smiley::+1: Especially the 100W version as it comes with more flexibility down the track for when you want to expanding on it’s capabilities compared with the 50. Make sure you run up the software like others have said, adds heaps of functionality and access to the tone library. Regarding its loudness, I’ll have to admit though, I very rarely used it at more than the 0.5W setting, that was plenty loud enough for me practicing at home :hear_no_evil: :face_with_peeking_eye::sweat_smile::wink:


Happy NAD Rebecca. I’m sure you are going to be really pleased with it. You’re now going to have to put a few weeks aside to discover what all the knobs and twiddly bits do.
Just as an aside, when you can afford it get yourself the footswitch for it. Makes your life so much easier.
I’m with @nzmetal Jeff. Not had mine above 0.5w yet and it is plenty loud enough. :hear_no_evil: