NGD - Ibanez AS-53 Artcore

Hi guys,
So i got the best Wedding-Anniversary gift ever: my wife took me to a huge music store and let me pick one. :face_with_peeking_eye::smile:

So, as I play a log of jazz and stuff like that I went for a hollow body guitar. I really must say, it is a huge difference comparing it to my squire bullet-strat. It just feels awesome, it is a lot easier to play the stuff I like and it also sounds a lot better… I really can’t get my hands off it.

By the way - if you can ever get to “Thomann” - do it. It is the biggest guitar store in Europe, I think I almost cried when I entered the room for guitars. :joy:



That looks like fun! Congratulations!

Ibanez make killer guitars, for sure. Congrats!

Hi Mate,

What a great wife and a great looking guitar :+1: and that store looks epic, I’m putting on my list of places to visit the next time I’m over that way :+1:

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Sweet looking instrument Kevin, happy NGD!!
There’s so many hollow / semi hollow guitar popping up at the moment it seems, all too tempting :wink:

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Hi Kevin,
Happy NGD :partying_face: :sunglasses:
Really nice looks :sunglasses:

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Looks wonderful. Needless can’t wait to hear it in AVOYP :wink:

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Well I just say, the new song I am learning is really easier to play on that one. I would have never thought what of a difference a great instrument makes…

Don’t resist! :smile:

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There are few things that can up your game like a quality instrument. Looks like you picked a beauty!

Congrats on finding a guitar that really speaks to you. Wish you many happy hours with it. I love my Artcore Expressionist semi-hollow (along with my other Ibanez guitars).

Man, that’s a great anniversary guitar Kevin.
Your wife sure treats you right.

That’s a great looking guitar you choose too.
Wondering though.
You called it a hollow body.
Ibenez calls it a hollow body. Real hard to argue with the manufacturer.
My question is?
Is it hollow or semi hollow? I’m reading conflicting info on the www as to which way it is.
I’ve not seen many hollow bodies with a stop tail. Most seem to have the trapeze type tail. If it’s really hollow, is there a support block of wood under the stop tail to have it screwed down good?
Either way, a great choice. I love the color of yours.

I’m for sure partial to hollow as my main player is a Casino.
When I was guitar shopping, the AS-53 was on my radar for sure. I mostly ended up with the Casino due to it’s p90 pickups and that it’s a hollow body. That combo works tone wise for me.

Have fun and make beautiful music with your Anniversary present for many years to come.

ooh, very nice! I really like that whole Artcore line of products. I’ve looked at the acoustics before and thought they were nice.

Happy NGD. Looks awesome. Enjoy

What a cracker, happy NGD !