NGD! Ibanez RG421

I hear there was some other major event happening on the 25th, but for me, it was mainly New Guitar Day :smiley:

My second ever guitar: an Ibanez RG421 “Mahogany Oil”

Very happy with how it plays, this is my first time playing on humbucker pickups so that’s an interesting difference. The neck shape feels very comfortable. The only issue I have is the 3rd string is quite high at the nut, I think the nut slot on that string maybe needs to come down a touch. But otherwise it’s a treat and a real step up from guitar #1.


Nice, happy NGD. May it bring many hours of enjoyment.

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:clap: :metal:
That thing rocks!!

Happy NGD!! (i wish i had something like that underneath the tree… :crazy_face:)


That is a good looking instrument, now make it sing. I hope you have many happy hours together. :smiley:

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Happy NGD Brendan, very nice.

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Happy NGD. :guitar:

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That looks real nice. Enjoy

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Happy NGD, that looks lovely!

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That is a great looking guitar.

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Thanks mate, I don’t know if it ‘sings’ for me yet, but I do my best with the skills I have :smiley:

Congrats mate, guitar looks awesome.

Maybe take it to a good luthier for a setup - they’ll sort out the nut height and anything else. Really glad I took my electric to one.


Very nice, and very wise going for a hardtail, Floyd rose trems can be an absolute pain to set up and change strings! Reall like the oiled finish as well, more organic!

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That’s a nice guitar, and I know for sure because one just like that was my first guitar, and is still my main one since over 3 years ago. I hope you love it as much as I love mine.

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I have heard this kind of thing about the Floyd Rose bridge before, but never had to deal with it myself.

To be honest, I took the bend bar off my Squier years ago, and never felt like I was missing anything. Maybe it’ll be something I look for later on, but for now I’m happy without.

Agreed about the natural wood finish, I love it.

Thanks Jaime, always nice to hear such a testimonial after making a major purchase :smiley:

Hi Brendan,
Happy NG3D`s ago,… :sunglasses: :partying_face:
Looks really beautiful, I wish you a lot of fun together :sunglasses:

I’m quite jealous bec I love Ibanezes and I wanted one really bad! Its gorgeous! Happy NGD!

That’s a real beauty Brendan. I wish you both many happy hours together!

Awww that’s a stunner, Brendan! Can’t wait to hear how it sounds!

Yeah like @DarrellW said, good choice on the hardtail. Never been a fan of floating bridges myself. Maybe one day when I learn to solo?! :joy: Mine I’ve jammed in place using the coin trick, certainly makes tuning and re-stringing easier! :sweat_smile:

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Happy NDG Brendan. Looks nice. I hope you get many years of pleasure from it.

I look forward to seeing you play it.