NGD It's been a long time coming

Happy NGD :slightly_smiling_face: Nice looking guitar with a marvellously beautiful headstock.

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Does it feel considerably smaller than your dread? When I look at dimensions online, it doesn’t seem like the measurements of the grand auditorium are all that different, which had me wondering if I was going to need to go down to a concert. (I do plan to visit a store and try things out to ultimately decide, but always appreciate more things to think about as I online “window” shop)

Hi Hilary, you’re right, I looked a the dimensions online prior to buying and thought that they didn’t seem that different. When you put the two back to back its not huge but there is a difference. However the feel for me is very different, it feels so much more comfortable to hold and lighter. I think the overall design with the cutaway helps to make it feel compact.
Being a newb, I also used to find that playing an unfamiliar fretboard always took a bit of getting used to but this one feels very comfortable around the neck, albeit I don’t have small hands.

My decision was made after much online research and then sitting in the shop playing my narrowed down search guitars.

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