NGD Latest unnecessary toy

Saw this advertised as used and as a leftie its pretty tricky trying to find things. Hopefully may be a bit easier than wrestling with my LP (copy)
I may have a sickness—guitar number 6 and i haven`t been playing a year yet !!


That’s my favorite color for an SG!!!
Don’t worry Tom, it’s not a sickness, it’s just a harmless obsession!!! :crazy_face:
I won’t tell how bad it is here but will say that I literally don’t have any room for another one….

What am I saying??? There’s ALWAYS room for just ONE more teensy-tiny guitar… hmmmm :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I don’t have any SGs yet……


Hi Tom,
Happy NGD :partying_face: :sunglasses:

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That’s a really good guitar you got. I have its older brother, so to speak, Standard '61 model. Wanted to get an Epi Les Paul, but the color I wanted was absent and SG was cheaper, so I bought it and haven’t regretted once.
It just screams “rock’n’roll” with its look and I love it. And the higher fret access is amazing, even though that part of the fretboard rarely sees any action.

@metramaks Yup–I wont be using the higher frets for a while though. Just breaking into grade 2 Can1t believe its used -looks brand new and the shop set it up before posting as well -half the price of a new one.

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They made that backwards! you’ll need to play it in a mirror.

How stable is tuning? My neck is very flexible and I need to be very careful not to push or pull on it. I have wondered if it is the neck unsupported length from the body being longer.

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I don’t understand the word ‘unnecessary’ in the subject title. :thinking: :wink: Of course 6 guitars in less than a year is a pretty steep (but fun) trajectory. :grin: Happy NGD!


@sequences haven`t had it long enough yet to answer but sounds awesome

Very nice! That is a really clean looking SG and congrats on finding a leftie! I feel for you and think that guitar companies are doing all lefties a disservice by not make more left handed guitars.

@TheCluelessLuthier Too steep perhaps but there is nothing super expensive. One good Acoustic (Alvarez) and a couple of cheap leccys

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@Richard_N I tried to buy from a shop to try first as everyone recommends but in the whole of Scotland there were no more than a handful for sale. Thankfully most outlets now have good returns policy

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How can a new guitar be deemed unnecessary!!?

:rofl: Good on you Tom, you’ve nearly got one for each day of the week now, one to go! Happy NGD!


Don’t worry you are not sick, this is quite normal. Sweet looking SG, enjoy !
Happy NGD.


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Mine stays in tune pretty well, even after a lot of bending. And neck is solid enough. Though you absolutely can slightly change the pitch by gently pressing or pulling it and I actually do it in Nothing Else Matters intro.

Isn’t it great? Enjoy your new (and totally necessary) guitar and have fun.

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Happy NGD! Nice looking SG :guitar:

I ended up with 5 guitars in 2.5 years, so not that far behind you :wink: :laughing:

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Lefties rule! Six for a year in is…quite a hefty number yeah but if you can and want; yeah! :smiley:

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Congrats, very nice.

I sold my LP for a SG and happy with that choice as the LP was too heavy for my liking. I’m not playing my SG much at the moment but that’s just because I’m playing mainly acoustic for now rather than anything wrong with the guitar. I’ll definitely get back to mine in the future

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Couldn’t agree more! :laughing:

I once thought about buying a sg myself, but found the weight of the neck too much, in comparison to the body. The guitar i tried, just “tipped” over.
How’s the balance on this one?
6 guitars? No way near enough… actually, it never is… :rofl:

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Sweet! She’s beautiful Tom! Nice find! :guitar:
Happy NGD! :partying_face:
I don’t think GAS is a sickness :laughing:

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