NGD Martin 000-15sm

Well Rogier… :grin: she is doing good. She is coming along just fine.
Yeah. I do wanna do something with her. And we do play together. And no. I dont think it would be a bad thing at all to put out and AVOYP…
but she is a bit shy for now so i dont want to push it either. But some day…

But she has become quiet good in 1 year and she is way beyond me in most things. She has her own guitar teacher that point her in the right direction. So she is doing her own thing for now outside Justins world, tried to get her to do some online lessons, but she dont bother :see_no_evil:
But hey… as long as she enjoys playing… she finds it a bit hard following lessons online in english…

But one day Rogier… one day :joy:

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Nice new guitar! I only hear good things about this one. Enjoy!

I am back to talking myself out of buying a guitar every day. :roll_eyes:

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Good to read Trond :sunglasses:…Powerrr to the youth :hatching_chick:, they must and have (sometimes just a little too often :roll_eyes:) their own thing/way of learning :swan::wink:

I had just listened to your Tyler Childers song. I was so impressed and curious about your guitar so found out what it was from this post. It’s a great instrument. Happy for you.

Thanks Pamela. Yes. Its a lovely guitar with an awsome sound. Was very lucky and found one used for a very good price and it plays well too :grin:

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I’m a sucker for a slotted headstock.

I thought streetmaster has those great fake weared off parts

It does. This is not a streemaster.

Happy NGD! Is it still as amazing as on day 1?

Funny you should ask :rofl: loved it. Got an offer i could not resist. So i sold it for quite a bit more than what i purchased it for. Used some of that money to purchase an Martin D-13 :grin:

hmmm, maybe I should consider that too instead of SC-10e, I have a week more of return window :smiley:

As i told you in your thread… there is a lot of bang for bucks if you want an all solid Martin in the road series. I had two of them and they are really good. The D-10 is the cheapest of them. A very good guitar. But they are starting to creep up in price.
The D-13 is a real beuty. All solid, with zircote back and sides. White binding. And gloss finish.