NGD/NAD incoming ... Epiphone LP Std 60’s in Bourbon Burst + Spark Go

yeah, I’ll have to ask for forgiveness later this week. Epiphone LP Std 60’s in Bourbon Burst. these are actual pics from Sweetwater before they packed and shipped. probably better quality than I could take :stuck_out_tongue: should be here Wed/Thurs.
I also picked up a Spark Go to keep practice volumes low in the eves and so I can take it out to the back deck and practice at night (which I’ll probably use my Jackson for that)


Happy NGD and gorgeous guitar! :star_struck: :guitar:

This guitar has my absolute favorite neck profile. Enjoy! think you will have a lot of fun with it. I love the pics that Sweetwater sends. Makes it a little easier to wait for the new guitar to arrive when you have photos.

i kinda think it makes it harder hahahah

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Beautiful & Happy NGD (almost)!!! I was torn between the exact Epi you chose & a Gibson LP Classic but in the Smokehouse Burst… I loved them both & my wife (God love her) told me to go for the Gibson as I’d ALWAYS wanted one… seems like I forgot to tell her the price though… :face_with_peeking_eye:
Enjoy your LP!!! Sweet looking axe!!!


P.S. My favorite thing about Sweetwater is choosing which one you want when they give you several options!!! Sweeeeeeet!!!


i had the smokehouse burst in my cart for a long while before I flipped at the last second. that’s a pretty color combo

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That looks gorgeous congrats

By the way… don’t tell my wife that there’s a “low cost” alternative to my Gibson… might be the end of her encouraging me to buy more gear!!! :crazy_face:




Looks gorgeous, enjoy Tony

Beautiful guitar, enjoy!

Happy NGD & NAD Tony and what a beaut it is. Love the colour too. Many years of enjoyment to be had there.

That looks gorgeous Tony. Happy NGD !

Happy (almost) NGD. It’s a beautiful guitar.

Nice piece of kit, I had a cherry burst in the past but found it too heavy for me. Enjoy it and we must have a demo when you get it!

@DarrellW not until my skills are up a bit, I still think I suck to much to go public with playing. though I guess I need to get past that fear at some point.

Finally showed up today!! Pics don’t do it justice, colors are so much richer and deeper than what is show, it is a stunningly beautiful guitar. First thing I noticed is that the LP is about 2.5-3lbs heavier than the Jackson


Let the fun begin.

Sweet :sunglasses:

wife and daughter were gone for dance this morning so I was able to plug into the ‘real’ amp and dial it up a bit. side by side with the Jackson. the LP is smoother sounding, more full where the jackson is a bit more shrill up top (scooped I guess is the term). LP is more well rounded and doesn’t breakup nearly as quickly but still can get pretty dirty. great sounding guitar.

on to the amp that showed up. The tiny little Spark Go. This is a fun little portable practice amp. But make no mistake what it is. It has a lot of great tones available, i tried 8-10 of them, played with settings on some of them, everything from Fender Tweed breakup and Blackface cleans to Marshall stacks and dual rectifiers, etc… no, it does not sound as good as the real amp. but, for a portable little ‘back porch’ or hotel room amp to play around on and not wake your s/o or disturb the neighbors the thing is quite nice. you dont have to dime it to get breakup/distortion, etc. it’s footprint is smaller than my cellphone and about twice the thickness of my wallet. Seems well built and solid. A bit better than I was expecting, to be honest. sound quality is better than I could ever have gotten out of any of the Vox AmPlugs I had. it’s at least worthy of consideration if you have a use case for it.

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Happy NGD/NAD Tony! That’s a beautiful looking LP :heart_eyes: Gorgeous finish! If the Epi LP Modern came in that finish it definitely would’ve been my pick.

Good idea with the Spark Go amp. As you said, while it won’t compete with real amps, the portability & convenience factor is great to encourage more practice. I picked up a Fender Mustang Micro along with my new Strat, and I didn’t expect too much from it, but was happily surprised at how good it was and more importantly how easy it is to use. Literally plug-and-play :blush: These portable amps are a great travel or around the house practice amps.

Wishing you many happy days/nights on your porch playing it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: