NGD - Schecter Solo II Custom

I sold my classical guitar. It wasn’t for me. I wasn’t getting anywhere with it because I was having to force myself to practice. It’s not the kind of music I listen to or get excited to play, and I’ve decided to focus entirely on rock and/or roll.

My venture into classical guitar in 2021 set me back a bit when it comes to progress, but it’s fine. I’m now a few months into daily playing electric, and I’m enjoying practicing, mostly sticking with Justin’s solid beginner course where I’m up to module 10 and beating my head against the F chord wall.

This is a long way of saying I bought the new guitar pictured below to have one that feels very different from my Fender Mustang. I’m planning to keep one tuned down a bit for my poor efforts at Alice in Chains. I tried out several like this at the guitar store (Epiphone, Gretchen, and a few others) before settling on this Schecter Solo II. It was the most comfortable for my hands and lap.


Can you talk a bit more on the different feel between the Mustang and Schecter?
Is it the shape of the neck? Is it the balance?



Happy NGD love the look of Schecter’s and that looks real sweet. You will have to record and post in AOVYP please. Nearly went down that road but just added a Gretsch to the collection.




Balance for sure stands out the most. The Mustang is very light, but the headstock is heavy enough that it wants to dip down. I wear a strap with it even while sitting down to help keep it in place. It can be a little annoying when moving my fretting hand around a bit if the neck isn’t holding still.

The neck on the Mustang is a bit thinner, but the Schecter is also a thin neck.

Happy NGD Troy. I’m sure your background in classical guitar won’t be wasted. Learning never is.

Happy NGD! I’m with you on the feel of the guitar has to be right. The sound and the look is important of course, but the guitar has to feel right to you. If it’s comfortable, then you’ll be playing it. It certainly looks great. Now we’ll have to hear you play it sometime! :smiley:

Enjoy the new guitar, Troy. Did you post a picture of the Mustang (I don’t recall and may have missed that).

I’m with @batwoman , I’m sure what you picked up in starting with classical guitar will serve you well down the line.

Now we’ve seen the instruments, time to hear them.

This is the Fender Mustang. I like it a lot as well.

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Thanks Troy.

Great range of tone options with those two guitars.

Happy NGD, looks awesome! Hope you’ll lots of joy from it… and play lots and lots of rock’n’roll :wink:

Happt NGD Troy. That is a tasty looks guitar. I hope you get many hours of enjoyment from it.

Threads like this really don’t help with my GAS and I know over on the old forums I said I would be happy with two guitars, I really don’t think that is going to be the case. :smiley:

That’s a looker Troy, happy NGD.

Are you the real Troy McLure? :open_mouth:
Well Happy NGD. That Schechter looks a beaut!

I hope that’s a stock photo of the Mustang, as it would drive me nuts to have a free online lesson ad on my guitar (unless I was planning on selling it :wink:)

Wow congratulations! Always wanted a Schecter, such awesome guitars. Hope it brings you lots of joy!

I bought the Mustang from Sweetwater, so it is their photo. But it is my guitar because they post photos of individual serial numbers for guitars with wood grain like this. I had played the Squier version, so I knew what I wanted without needing to feel it, which is why I was fine buying online.

The new one came from a local guitar store. I wanted to sit down with a few and pick one I wanted.

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