NGD: Sennheiser HD280 Pro headphones

My son bought himself a new gaming headset recently. They are just so comfortable, so much more so than the headphones that came in my Focusrite Home Recording bundle. I think after 5 years of use, it is fair play to replace them.

Yes, @batwoman the cable is your detested coil variety, but within my price range these came with the largest ear-cups and comfort plus price was most important Lest you wonder, anything in this ball park is a huge improvement on my current set … at least that’s what the salesman said … and who am I to disbelieve him :wink:

Looking forward to music production with the new headphones. Muse Muse come out wherever you are


You asked for it! Remember this?

Nice Headphones, comfort is the most important thing, my Senhieser ones are really comfortable which definitely helps!


:laughing: I did, didn’t I … left myself wide open for that alternative intrepretation.

Nope, no recollection of this. Is it you playing over a backing track from days of yore? I assume you or you’d have just dropped a YT link to a Muse video. I do remember you working on some pretty challenging songs over the years.

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Yeah, that was me over a backing track!

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Thanks for the repost Darrell. Love the way you covered that muse track I remember it well.

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You were rocking in fine style, Darrell!

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I remember this very well as I love the song! You did very well Darrell I remember being impressed how quickly you nailed it!

David Happy NHD :grin: hope they serve you well!


@DavidP There is counselling available David, should you need it. Either that or a medicinal shot of whisky, or in a case of dire need, both. :rofl:

I’m still waiting for my velour ear-cups.

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Thanks Adi, it’s not that difficult really because there’s a lot of repetition in it, some slight variations but not too difficult to remember. The pumping 8’s weren’t easy for me but I managed to sort it out! Another one for you to have a go at - This is the backing track I used, you start on the 4th click. PLUG IN BABY - Muse (Guitar Backing Track with Vocals By Paolo Cañas) lml - YouTube

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