NGD SG (sunglasses required)

This arrived today. Although I am a beginner of only 3 months I originally bought a LP style (mainly on looks) which is great but I found it to be a bit cumbersome .Bit tricky buying online especially as a lefty but have no option. Many youtube videos later I decided on this.


Very nice… Happy New Guitar Day!!!

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Happy NGD @tommion :sunglasses: (note the shades!)
Real pics please… That does not look like a southpaw :wink:

thanks–not experienced enough to know if it needs setting up–just played through the chords and sounds fine.

@brianlarsen ha ha real pic to follow then

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@brianlarsen here you go then


Oh wow!
Now that is…
Well, let me assure you, I’m over 18 :rofl:


wow! great stuff

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I’m trying to remember which model that is from looking at it. I researched SGs a few weeks ago and bought the Epiphone Modern - the one with the coil splits and phase split.

Mine needed some truss rod adjustment (flattening) and fret polishing. The fret ends could use a little more deburring. I dropped the action a little but some would argue it didn’t need it.

I thought the original strings felt stiff. I dropped them one size (to 9-46) last week and like it much better. That isn’t much change, so maybe more about string brand than size.

@sequences its the Epiphone SG standard .

That’s a gorgeous guitar, happy NGD! I had an Epi SG Pro and even with that low end model it was quite a nice guitar to play. Weight will be much much different than an LP. Have fun playing!

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Congratulations! That’s a great guitar, so enjoy it.
I have one awesome Standard 60’s in Cherry Red. New Epiphones are really great.

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It always needs a setup!

SG is my favourite guitar, I love mine and yours is a beauty. Happy NGD!

Rest assured shades are not required, If its good enough for Ms Fish its good enough for you Tom. Happy NGD.


Sweet! happy New guitar Day!

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Looks great ! Sure you’ll have hours and hours of fun ! Happy NDG !

Happy NGD! Looks great! Enjoy!

Happy (squinting) NGD. look.


very nice guitar!

Wow! Sweet! Happy NGD!! :smiley: