NGD! Sire L7 GoldTop

I finally found one that checked all the boxes!

  • Used - check
  • GoldTop or Tobacco Burst - check
  • Hardshell case - check
  • Not Too Heavy - check
  • Can see and play it before buying - check

There’s lots of pictures of these on the web that look like a faded yellow instead of gold, so I needed to see one with my own eyes to confirm the color. Here’s two pictures to show how the color actually looks with different lighting & angle:

The best part is, it only weighs 6lbs. 14oz.!!!

My old 11 lb. Agile 3000 LP-style guitar is getting retired and will now be the heaviest piece of wall-art I own LOL!


Congratulations @Fast-Eddie !!! Looks a sweet piece of kit! I hope you have lots of time making music together!!!


Lovely looker—great weight too -gratz

She looks like a beauty @Fast-Eddie , congrats on your NGD and enjoy!!

Sweet! She’s beautiful! Happy NGD!! :tada: :smiley: :guitar:
And lighter than she looks - bonus!

Lovely, happy NGD, verry nie guitar and really light :slight_smile:


Really nice! A non-heavyweight LP is a bonus.

I’ve only recently become aware of Sire guitars. Reviews are excellent. If I ever pull the trigger on a 335-type, the Sire H7 Larry Carlton looks promising.

Cracker ! Happy NGD.

The neck feels as good as all the reviews say it does :grin:

Sweet! That is one sexy lady @Fast-Eddie. Happy NGD and I hope you have many years of happiness together.