NGD - StewMac S-Style

It looks really good! On to the next one!!

I used shielding paint for one of my guitars. I got one from Crimson guitars here in the UK and while it does what it says, I found the application a bit messy.
Of course it was my first time and I might had done something wrong but I found it difficult… Not to apply it but to clean it off of where it shouldn’t be on the body of the guitar! And it took ages to dry in a dry summer in Greece no less… But as I said I might had done it wrong. I shielded the back of the pickguard with copper tape.
The guitar is dead silent (when not being played :laughing:) but perhaps the virtual vintage pickups may have something to do with that too.
I think next time I’ll try copper tape to compare. If you opt for copper tape, it will be easier if you get one with conductive paint so when each layer slightly covers the one next to it, there is continuity. Otherwise, you’ll have to put a touch of solder over the adjacent layers of tape.

If the noise is more than humming and just seems too much, perhaps you could double check you have the wired the output jack correctly.

You said the same thing twice here. :joy:
Joking :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: