NGD - StewMac S-Style

Finally finished our StewMac S-Style. My wife did a wonderful job with the finish using Unicorn Spit and epoxy. It still needs a proper setup, but I was kind if impressed with how close it came to being proper intonated OOB. If anyone’s got experience with shielding one of these to reduce general pickup noise I’d be interested in learning about it.


Lovely job on the finishing.
Re shielding, several options. Many use conductive paint to paint all the routed areas then earth back to painted surface somewhere convenient. Alternatively you can get conductive copper tape (sticky back) to line all routed areas then run an earth wire to convenient location. My Cort G300 Pro has the conductive paint and the shielding is excellent.
You will need to make sure that the earthing connects to input plug, pickups, all pots and switches.

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Oh that is nice well done!

That is one sweet looking guitar. Great job.

Don’t the scratch plates come with shielding material on the back of them already?

That’s a looker alright :heart_eyes: so, what’s a stew Mac guitar? Is it one that you put together and design yourself? If so, that’s some great work :clap:

Lovely guitar! Happy NGD

Wow. Nice job. :star_struck: :+1: :sunglasses:

Re shielding, several options.

Thanks, that’s helpful info. When we plugged it into the amp my wife was concerned that the buzzing was something she’d done wrong, but I assured her it wasn’t. I need to put proper strings on it, so maybe that’s an opportunity to do the shielding.

Started with their basic S-Style guitar kit. We’d run into Unicorn Spit and wanted to try it out. Original idea was to do a pull-chain painting thing to get a somewhat random finish, but realized that wasn’t going to fly, so started looking through stained glass pattern books, and adapted one of them to get this image. The wood in the kit was quite nice although the grain pattern on the body wasn’t anything exceptional.

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Not in this case. Just plain plastic.

That looks great! (and those kits look super fun, too)

Love the artwork

Wow, looks awesome

The kit is quite well made. You have to interpret a bit because there are steps still in the instructions that have actually already been done by the manufacturer. So it’s really a process of finishing (lots of sanding first) and there are many options for that, assembly which means some basic woodworking and just a little bit of soldering, and setup (which we actually have yet to do). It’s definitely easier with 3 or 4 hands.

Thanks. My wife put a lot of time into it, and I’m super happy with the results. And no, she’s not an artist she’s a mechanical engineer. But she’s also very persistent.

Wow :hushed:, so beautiful!
It absolutely paid off to be persistent :clap::+1::star_struck:.

That is one beautiful guitar. I love the art.

How does it play?

What a beauty!! :star_struck: The artwork is just amazing.

Hopefully it plays as lovely as it’s looking! Wishing you loads of fun. :smiley:

Looks great, super nice paint job too. Re shielding, I used conductive paint in all the routed parts on my DIY guitar and it worked fine.

That is a nice looking custom project!

on noise/shielding.
Don’t forget that single coils are bound to be picking up noise.
Check if your middle pickup is reverse wound or not
(That would imitate the effect of what a humbucker does and eliminate a lot of hum on the "in between settings 2 and 4 on the pickup switch)

It hasn’t been properly set up yet, just finished the assembly. But even without that it played fairly well. This is my first true S-Style (I’ve also got an SSH Ibanez) so I’m sure there will be little adjustments. But I think it’s going to just fine.

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