NGD - Taylor GS Mini :)

I was looking for a good “couch” guitar that was small, but not too small and didn’t sound like a “small” guitar, when I tried one of these at a local guitar store. But, at $500, it was more than I was willing to spend.

I ended up finding a brand-new one on, sold by Sam Ash music store as part of their “going out of business clearance sale” here in the USA. I payed only $321!!

This guitar sounds significantly better than any of the dozen or more parlor guitars I tried. The tone is so clear and full-range, it rivals the tone out of my Takamine dreadnaught! The lows, mids, and highs are really well-balanced.

Also, the nut is the same width as my Les Paul electric, and the 23.5" scale length, although shorter than my Les Paul (24.75") or my PRS SE Hollowbody (25"), did not feel too small for my bigger hands.

This one is a keeper!


Well Eddie I get a Deja vu here , :smile:
Happy NGD :partying_face: :sunglasses:

Congrats! Those are fun!

Congratulations! I had a chance to try GS Mini, it is an amazing guitar.

Happy NGD! I have one too and I love it. You’ll enjoy this guitar very much.

Not sure how you managed that. I see no such prices on the Sam Ash Reverb page. Prices I’m seeing are typical retail prices, way too much for what it is at $500 and more.

Happy NGD and lots of fun with your new six-string-friend :smiley::partying_face:.

Happy NGD Eddie, that is a very tasty looking guitar. Nice price too.

congratulations on getting such a sweet deal! Happy NGD

Happy NGD Eddie :tada: Taylor are masters at getting a great sound out of little guitars. I’ve got the next size up, one of their Grand Theatre models, but it’s only fractionally larger and as you say it doesn’t feel cramped to play (I’m 6ft/ 180cm). In fact, if anything, when I now reach for my Telecaster or SG, they’re larger than they need to be with the nut seeming so far away!

Congratulations on a great looking guitar. Have owned a mini maton and was underwhelmed by it’s unplugged sound. Have tried a few of the GS Mini models and always liked them. I’m sure yours will make amazing music.

Yeah, it’s a twisted tale. Apparently, Sam Ash’s corporate Reverb account manager posted some guitars that he thought were still in inventory, including a GS Mini Sapele at a big discount, located at a nearby store. So, I bought it and planned to pick it up at the store. When I get to the store, no guitar! They refunded my money.

Well, I then saw a few more GS Minis listed at a different nearby store, but for higher prices. I decided to go to the other store to see if they really existed, and try to make a deal on one of them. Well, no big surprise, none of those listed guitars existed at that store either.

So, while chatting with the store manager, I told him my experience with the earlier Reverb purchase. He checks his computer, sees a GS Mini Sapele at another store in Ohio, calls them to confirm it really exists, then offers it to me at the same deep discounted price (plus free shipping) that the first Reverb listing was for.

The box was sitting on my front porch Sunday afternoon. :sunglasses:


Ah ok, that makes sense. And it’s great customer service. I had similar experiences at Sam Ash stores in the past regarding great customer service. I always had good experiences there.

Congrats, should be a fun guitar to play :+1:

Sweet looking mini Eddie, congrats on your NGD and the bargain.

Great score, Eddie!
I came into the Taylor family in a similar way. A local music store was closing and having a discounted sale on existing inventory. While perusing their acoustic inventory, I spied a Taylor A-10. Walked away with it for $345.
I really like the playability for the Taylor guitars.
I widh you many years of enjoyment from your mini.

I bought a mini Taylor for my daughter and I love it so much I often play it myself. A friend sold it to me because his son wanted a classical type guitar. So $200 and less than a year old mint condition. That was a steal. Yours is a beauty. Here’s a pic of the Taylor.


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