NGD telecaster build

I’m slightly jealous of you knowing enough about what you want from a guitar to be able to choose the individual ingredients :open_mouth:
Hopefully you’ll keep us entertained with the build itself
Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

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That’s Lovely…I actually exclaimed “oooooh Wow!” out loud

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My kitchen counter is actually nz Blackwood, not so different to the maton (Australian) Blackwood acoustic I have haha


@RobDickinson nice maton and countertop too. Jokes aside - looking forward to how your tele turns out. Good luck with the project.

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Ah so many choices! Its crazy really. Esp with a 70= year old classic design guitar

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So despite delivering 1 part of 2 of the same consignment, and having a customs declaration form with my address on , and having sent me an invoice for customs duty with my address on…

UPS dont know where to deliver the neck package too…

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I lool forward to seeing the progress Rob!
It looks beautiful already. I’m not a huge fam of the tele shape (hate me :joy:) but that figure on the body is fantastic.

Shame UPS hasn’t delivered the neck yet. They probably had it with them the first time, realised too late that it was part of the same delivery and couldn’t be bothered to return! :rofl:

Color me interested.

Electronic bits arrived from stewmack

Looks good but only a 3 way switch I’ll have to swap to a 5 way later for the center pickup but that can wait


And some of the hardware has arrived too.

My neck is supposedly out for delivery also so good news on that front


That body looks fantastic!

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The wandering neck has arrived!

Feels great too


Glad it has finally made it’s way to you Rob.

I like the aged look on your knobs and plate.

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Looks like it will be cool. Will be interesting to see it go together. What finish are you going to use on the body?

Probably tru oil at the moment, give it a bit of sanding then I can build up to the sheen I want


Looks like a bit of a clear coat? I wonder if it will rub off as you play - although that might give it that sought after worn in effect after a while.

The grain of the wood is something special.

It’s mostly clear, it has varnish in so hardens over time won’t rub off like say Danish oil etc might.

I don’t want to have to strip it down every year but saying that it is an ongoing project guitar so I’ll be tinkering over time


Tung oil is the best finish I know of for a clear finish, the advantage over other oils is that it dries to a hard coating in air. It needs several coats with sanding in between but you get an almost glassy finish.

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Tru oil isnt so different from Tung oil, it actually has tung oil in it (with varnish etc) , both have similar use and finishes but tru oil is easier and quicker…

It can be a higher gloss though rather than a bit satin but you can adjust that afik with applications

It does seem like a lot of ‘tung oil’ is a bit of a mix also…

OK all the major parts have arrived - I’ll detail each later.

Time to start gathering tools etc , just wondering what I will need - I dont have much of any guitar specific tools , suggestions appreciated

For now I will assume I dont have to do any major fret or nut work

fretboard straight edge ?

Feeler guages

Guitar String Action Gauge?

Radius guage?

Fret rocker?

Suggestions for neck rest?