Ngd telecaster —-finally!


I am super happy because I bought a guitar - probably a feeling that most of you can understand well :see_no_evil::joy:

I was wanting to buy a telecaster since last May/ June. As I knew that I was moving from Germany to Brazil from October ‘22 to May ‘23 (and then again from September ’23 onwards), and that It was very complicated getting a guitar half actress the globe, I just waited until I arrived in Brazil. Getting there, I knew that I had to move again inside the country (Brazil is very very big, so I had to take another plane), so I waited again. In the meantime, I just asked people to lend me their guitar so I could continue playing for a bit.

Getting now on my final location and settling in, I realized that there were no guitar stores here, so I had to travel quite a bit to get one (quite an adventure).

So yesterday I took my shot. It took me over 3hrs to get to a city with a decent store, because the car broke down in the way (this appears to be a very Brazilian story…). Arriving there, they told me, that they just sold the last Tele they had. Luckily there was another store, with another guitar - a Tele.

They even made a video of me playing to post for Instagram. So, all in all, I am quite happy with me new guitar and the adventure ti getting it! :smile:

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Happy NGD, can’t beat a Telecaster!

Happy NGD Kevin! :sunglasses:

Always love a story with a happy ending… HAPPY NEW GUITAR DAY!!!

Got to love love Sunburst ! Each time I see a Tele my GAS gets nudged a little, so good that Roberto at Matteacci’s confirmed my JD Cigar Box would be in the post tomorrow. That will put the Tele urge on hold for now.
Looks great Kevin ! Happy NGD, enjoy.


This is the one you’re meant to own! Happy NGD!

Congratulations, enjoy!

Alright :exclamation: Have a great NGD kevin :exclamation: :partying_face: :champagne: :sunglasses:

nice, congrats!

Thank you so much! I wish every day could be new guitar day :pleading_face::see_no_evil:

Can’t keep my fingers off my new toy :ok_hand:t4:

Happy NGD !!!

Hi Kevin! Viel Spaß mit deiner neuen Gitarre! Good choice, looks awsome! Wish you a lot of joyful hours together!

Happy NGD Kevin, it looks sweet and welcome to the Tele club. :+1:

Happy NGD!

Really nice Kevin, enjoy!!

Happy new guitar day, it’s beautiful :heart_eyes:

That’s quite a story, Kevin (my brother lives in Brazil so have heard a few stories), and wish you much joy with your new tele!

Yea, I was so glad that of the 2 teles they had still left, one of them was in sunburst … :slight_smile:

Yeah… some things really just happen only here in Brazil :joy:

And, is it already there?

A happy ending It was indeed! :smiley:

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Was despatched from Italy yesterday and hoping it hits Normandie Monday or Tuesday. :smiley:

Great, let’s See some pictures afterwards!