NGD - The Green Monster

Epiphone Les Paul Slash model, Anaconda burst. Love it! Plays like a dream


Happy NGD, sorry to say but one day I’ll get the same one as well! :v::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Oh my that is a beautiful guitar

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Love it. I have it’s cousin, the Appetite burst


Its so hard to choose but that would have been my other option I think! Gorgeous!

Happy NGD Rob, stunning colour.

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Happy NGD Rob, it’s gorgeous!!!

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Hello Rob on this beautifull morning…,looks beautiful,have fun on your dayafther NGD,because I think the sun has already set with you there.

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Yep heading to bed soon. Was a gorgeous day even before the new guitar!

Ooooo,is that your view… :heart_eyes: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:…I am never jealous and wish everyone the best …but a small feeling of “I would like that too” is coming now in me on.
Gooooodnight New Zeeland…Happy dreams

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Enjoy rocking that Green Machine, Rob. Another with a view that makes me feel as green as your new axe.

Yours looks just as good, Steven.

:thinking: have I seen a guitar that didn’t look good to me

Great looking guitar, Rob. Hope we get to hear it soon :guitar:

Your guitar looks great, congratulations! :wink:

1 question: have you removed the pickup covers or have they been omitted by design?

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This is how the guitar comes, some of the versions in the slash range have covers on some don’t

I love the view!

Grew up in inner city UK it was all brick, everywhere.

No idea you could even have a view like this!


Then it is even more beautiful and finer for you … you also know very well how it should not be. And then you will be able to really appreciate this beautiful view … We have a beautiful garden in the spring, summer and autumn, so I can have it if you share images like this more often :wink:

Greetings Rogier

That is a lovely looking guitar Rob. I love the colour.

Happy NGD.

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That’s a beaut! Have fun with it! :smiley:

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thanks, am doing! Love it