NGD - The Waiting

When I first got into guitars and Justin’s courses last fall, I bought an inexpensive Yamaha Pacifica 112V, with the thinking that if it turned out guitars weren’t my thing, then I wasn’t out too much money. Five months later, I simply can’t get enough; I really love learning, practicing, and playing, as rough as the latter may be at this stage. It helps to have a girlfriend who’s been steadfast in her support and encouragement. The Pacifica’s been a solid, reliable guitar and one that I’ll likely use regularly, but I felt like I wanted to step things up a bit and let the G.A.S. take effect.

After watching countless videos and reading numerous reviews, I got a PRS SE Custom 24. Mine is the Sweetwater exclusive model, with binding and a matching headstock. I ordered it last week, just before our area was slammed with a rare big snowstorm and frigid temperatures; Fedex was delayed over two days…it arrived today.

Given the 10’s and 20’s temperatures (Fahrenheit) we’ve had over the weekend, this sticker’s got me waiting:

When I open the box tomorrow, this guitar will be greeting me:

It goes without saying that I’m anxious, lol. I can’t wait to plug it in and get busy! :smiley:


Looks stunning I would rip the box out in anticipation after 5 mins :laughing:

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I assume you’ve made space for it and its box in bed also?


Good idea to let it rest and come to room temp before opening it. When we moved home from BC to Ontario in ‘96 it was -40 (F=C at that temp) and the movers told us not to turn the tv on for a week. I don’t remember if we waited a week but I do remember the tv crackling and popping for a couple of days!

Guitar looks really nice, well worth the GAS attack.

It looks really sweet! I’ve been eyeing the same model for some time, I’m trying to choose my first “real” electric guitar, it’s about time to upgrade from my beginner Squier… please do share your thoughts on the guitar after you’ve opened it and played with it for a while…

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That is one fine ax!

Can’t wait to hear it sing!

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What a beautiful looking guitar, the finish is stunning, Scott. I’m sure it will play and sound as good as it looks. Glad you are being a grown-up and exercising patience. Wish you happy playing tomorrow :grin:

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Mouth wateringly beautiful Scott. Enjoy the anticipation.

What a treat awaits you.

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Happy New Cardboard Box Day Scott.


Box cutter now!!! Get it open and start playing. Looks a beaut. :heart_eyes:


You have done very well not to open it Scott. How very cruel to put that on the box. It’s a bit like saying to your child, “there are your Christmas gifts but you can’t open them until tomorrow”.

Looking forward to seeing the real thing.

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That’s gorgeous, I hope it lives up to your expectations; I doubt very much that it won’t :grin: now you gotta :metal::metal::metal:

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Man, that looks stunning! A serious step up from your old guitar I would say.
Some will not agree, but I personally think you’ll find it much easier to learn on the PRS.
If nothing else; when I get a new guitar the joy alone of holding it, feeling how it feels under the fingers etc, will make me pick it up all the time… and therefore improve quicker. Perhaps you will be the same :wink:



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Very nice choice, Scott! Your patience will be rewarded and the years will fall away when you pick it up and hold it. I predict much enjoyment going forward.
One note of caution: The PRS offers many more options than your current guitar. Don’t let it overwhelm you. The more you play it the more you will learn about finding the tone you wish.
Did I say it is a beautiful guitar? Because it is :guitar: :guitar:

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That’s seriously cold so makes sense to wait… :cold_face: but not sure I could have done so well done! :+1:

Looks awesome! Enjoy :grinning: Will be refreshing the page for updates…! :grin:

Thanks all; the wait ended this morning…not quite 24 hours, but enough I think. :smiley:

Inside the big box was foam padding and a normal guitar-shaped box (Sweetwater does an excellent job with packing). Inside that box…

My girlfriend’s first-glance words were, “It’s gorgeous!” I would agree; the finish is fantastic!

My initial impressions:

  • It seems to play lighter than my Yamaha though it has the same .9-.42 strings.
  • The finish is immaculate and feels really good.
  • It sounds great, despite my cheap Vox amp (next on the upgrade list).
  • I’m going to have a lot of fun with this instrument!

I suspect that I’ll eventually upgrade the tuning machines to the locking versions, when I start messing with the wiggle stick. :wink: Oh yea, the weight is 7 lbs 13 oz.


looks fantastic PRS make some stunning guitars.

You will learn fast, because you won’t want to put it down!

That looks awesome mate, congrats!

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