NGD - took me a while to figure out this acronym - Seagull S6 Original

I actually purchased this because I have been dabbling with fingerpicking lately and have been struggling with a finger I crushed a few years back that is now a bit mangled. Middle finger left hand. With standard width (1.69") width nut iti s virtually impossible to not mute or buzz the strings surrounding this finger when using it in a chord. Strumming does a pretty good job of masking this problem. However fingerpicking makes it very obvious. The NG is 1.8" and helps considerably. I wasn’t expecting a big difference in sound. However I am very happy with the difference which is icing on the cake. Love the guitar so far! Much less tingy, it’s a softer and more mellow sound which is good for me where I am heavy on the strings.

Photo-bombing is Roxy. I got her 4 years ago when I retired, and we are virtually inseparable, she almost never leaves my side.


Careful with that axe, Eugene…
It’s between a Roxy and a fragile place :wink:


Happy NGD. The Seagull S6 is a very nice sounding guitar.

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Happy NGD Mike but sorry the Lab steals the show. Go Roxy !


Very nice Mike! Interesting headstock shape, hope you get lots of enjoyment from it. Happy NGD!

Agree with Toby btw, Roxy wins hands down :wink:

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Oh no doubt, I get accused of being too attached to my dog, to which I holler; guilty as charged!

Hi Mike,
Happy NGD :partying_face: :sunglasses:

It’s a pity that I notice your beautiful dog first,…is more important/beautiful than your guitar,…

3 pictures with your next new guitar please,…first: Guitar…second: Roxy. …third: combined,… :grin:

Thank you much Roger!


Happy New Guitar Dog! :slight_smile:

Oooh, a new guitar (wich looks beautiful) and a dog to guard her. :slight_smile:

Happy NGD!!

Beautiful new guitar and beautiful black lab (have a black lab too, Emma), so nothing can go wrong! Wish you a lot of good hours with your new instrument!

Nut width makes great difference when fingerpicking, hope you enjoy it.

Wish you much joy playing your new Seagull, Mike. Just keep Roxy from playing with it.

I also enjoyed the tone of this guitar more than what I heard in your previous recordings.

Happy NGD Mike. That is a nice looking guitar and it’s good to see that it helps your playing with your injured finger. I hope you have many years of happiness together.

Roxy is very cute.