NGD - Valeton GP-200R

I’ve often not fancied practicing guitar as the only way to do so was through headphones - (small flat and all, and a highly critical dog)
I’ve used the Fender Mustang headphone amp as well as phones going into my Blackstar, but not really happy with the sound.

I’ve also been interested in effects pedals, and looked at the Valeton range.

A couple of days ago I found the Valeton GP-200R (The Red version of the GP-200) on Amazon (UK) for £209, which is the same sort of price as the JR and the LT. It’s about £100 less than the black GP-200, so I bought one.

Getting to grips with it is a little tricky, but I have to say it is brilliant, especially through the headphones - the simulation of different amps and cabs is great, as is the range of effects. :slight_smile:


Nice, there are all sorts of cool effects out there. I have yet to delve into them yet. I know for sure I need some distortion and overdrive. I am now deciding between pedals or just a multi effect amp. Lots to consider. You will have lots of fun.

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If I would have known about the GP-200 at the time I got my first guitar, I wouldn’t have bothered with an amp. As I use the headphones, it makes far more sense to have something as good at simulating amps and cabs, as well as the effects pedals without having to faff around with an amp which will never be used to great effect.

I spent a couple of hours last night going through some of the patches, especially the more ethereal effects, totally blissed out :slight_smile:

I think devices the Valeton are a really good starting point if you want to play around with effects. You can literally pay more for 1 pedal than the Valeton and that’s without buying a power source for the pedal. Now obviously the individual effects in the Valeton aren’t going to be as high quality as a high end stand alone pedal but as a way to try out a bunch of effects and find your sound it’s a good place to start. There are limitations like you can’t stack pedals of a similar type (eg overdrive pedals) but for starters that’s unlikely to be a problem. You can have one overdrive pedal selected and put a physical pedal into the FX loop of the Valeton if you wish (although the interface takes a bit of getting used to for this).
It’s also worth noting that the Valeton PC app is very good. If you have a touchscreen PC then you’ve added a touchscreen to the Valeton for nothing!

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