NGD Yamaha APX

Just treated myself to a Yamaha APX 700II . Find the thinner body so much more comfortable than a dreadnought and not as heavy as my Epiphone LP, especially as I’m getting older lol


Welcome to the forum David. Happy NGD. I’m with you on the thinner body guitars being easier on the body as we get older.

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Hello and welcome to our community David. :slight_smile:

Happy NGD. Always nice to have a new instrument. Enjoy.

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Keeps the strings n frets nearer to the body, as our waists expand. :rofl:
Happy NGD.
Pics ?



Waist expands but fingers and back seem to contract lol :rofl:Will post pic as soon as I figure out how ! it is a thing of beauty though . the satin neck is so smooth ! Tried Lowden and a few parlour guitars but none really felt comfortable , as soon as I sat down with the Yamaha then I thought " Oh Yeah" Obviously brighter but actions fantastic , its almost comparable to my LP :+1:

Welcome, David!

Hi David

Welcome. I’m a 57yr old newbie as of January. Also bought an APX also although mine’s only the 600 but agree, I like the smaller frame.



All the best with it David. I have an APX 600, that I bought for my wife as the thinner body was easier for her to play. She’s more into piano now so I’ve fallen heir to it. It’s an incredible guitar for the money and is terrific plugged in. Unfortunately my fat fingers don’t do it justice and I prefer to play my wider necked guitars.
Enjoy that new guitar, maybe put a video of you playing it up for us all?:+1:

Good for you David, hope you have much fun with the new instrument!
And we need pics…… :wink::slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome and congratulations!
Love how that guitar looks btw!

I checked out a video review of it, I like the sound. Congrats on your new guitar.

Finally got round to taking a pic of it ,hope you like it


Also because I couldn’t resist decided to get rid of my old no name Strat and bought this as well

Casino coupe , wife was bit “wot ANOTHER one” lol :rofl: :rofl:


Hi David,
Happy new guitars playing /buying month :sunglasses:

A lot of feelings/emotions are always released when buying a guitar … and to to lead in good ways again that first big feelings a bit, it is very good to do that with a gift for yourself, and what could be a nicer gift than a new guitar…and if that evokes emotions again,well …buy a guitar…etc etc you can get in a loop (and I don’t mean such a pedal) :grin: