NGD: Yamaha Revstar Element

Hey all. Just got in a new Yamaha Revstar Element (lefty). I did set it up a bit better for my preference. The nut slots are slightly high for my liking so I will adjust the nut action and also dress the fret ends and polish.

These are actually pretty nice and playable right out of the box but as a former guitar builder and tech I am very picky :smiley:

Anyway it sounds great and is lighter and more comfy for seated playing than a Les Paul. I got it on sale for $450 so quite the bargain.


Very nice. Congratulations

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Very nice happy ngd

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You gotta love it when you score a good instrument at a great price.
Hereโ€™s to many hours of fun and enjoyment :beers:

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Very nice. I recently got a Revstar Standard only because I wanted the P90 version. The Element series looks great.

They are nice guitars. My only complaint is itโ€™s a bit on the heavy side.



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Cool, the Standards are very nice. This particular Element weighs 7.3 lbs so itโ€™s actually pretty light. I know they can vary, I have heard some Revstars are weighing in at 8.5 lbs or more.

Nice new guitar. Happy NGD.

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Nice it even got go fast stripes, looks like a good deal happy NGD


Happy NGD Jeff. I hope you get plenty of enjoyment from it.

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