NGearD - new and upgrades

One thing I mentioned in my Introduction thats going to be important to me, is the ability to record the pieces I learn to play.

I recently took up an option from Focusrite and did a gear trade up form my 2i2 up to an 8i6 allowing me to connect a multitute of items and not have to worry about not enough connections space.

Last years piece sof recording tech was the addition of a matched pair of cardiod pencil mics. Just cheap but with prettu good reviews. The quality is good enough from what I’ve read on teh forums with my posting of Acoustic test recording. Thanks folks. :slight_smile:

This though is a very big addition …

This is the latest item, an AKG P420 with multi-pattern cardiod switch. Lots of learning to do here for stereo recordings, looking forward to that. I still have 20 days on my trial of Studio one, so time to try out this mic :), but hey, if i get stuck I have recording studio near by for tuition lol…

Still not decided on a DAW yet but i’m reading good things on PreSonus Studio One and Reaper.


Very nice! Recording gear is another rabbit hole I can see myself going down!
Enjoy the new mic, look forward to hearing some recordings with it.

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Blimey, Rachel, an 8i6 is undoubtedly an upgrade … :upside_down_face:

Being solely an acoustic player, I did consider a matched pair of pencil mic’s; but being only 3yrs in to this malarky, I decided to use the condenser mic I already have: learning to play is my focus, which well change over time.

My guitars have fairly decent pick-ups and are plenty good enough for a “beginner” (whatever that is) like me who skirmishes with Youtube and Zoom OMs. That aside, fingerpicking is my “thing”; basically because I consider my strumming to be poor, at best. Michael Watts (YT) is a first-rate guitarist and has done many a review on gear.

DAW - ?
Tbh, take your pick; there’s plenty opinion out there (and in here) about the many DAWs on the market. At the novice-user level they pretty much all have similar functionality. Many people’s preferences lean toward the “friendliness” of the GUI … or the the ‘Fisher Price Front-end’ as I call it … basically decide how easy/intuitive/frustrating you find [insert DAW name here] to use. (Programmers have personalities, right ? … :man_shrugging: )

Personally, I have started learning to use Reaper, but would not recommend any DAW to someone else: for me it’s one of those “just climb on the bike and learn to ride it” and they are pretty much all free to at least trial them.

Have fun … :smiley:

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Goood ! Enjoy !

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That’s a nice mic!

one thing that influenced me in my choice of DAW is the large amount of Reaper expertise available here :smiley:

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Nice mic! I agree with @mathsjunky, recording gear is fun, needed and a rabbit hole.

I’ve used Cubase, GarageBand but (given that I have a Mac) I really like Logic Pro. It’s complicated, confusing and deep, but at $199 with free updates, it’s an inexpensive DAW for the long run.

But as @Elixir1253 said, there’s a lot of them out there. Anything that helps with the creative process, and doesn’t hinder it, is good.

I guess the only challenge with every one of them is that it takes time to learn the ins and outs, and this takes away time from, mastering (pun intended) the guitar.

Good luck and happy recording!


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Absolutely, I’ve been made well aware of this. :slight_smile:

Sadly, mine died a few years back now. !

Naaaaaa, Study first, :slight_smile:


Good day all. :slight_smile:

Happy NMD Rachel. I hope to hear you belting your vocals out now in the AVOYP section. :wink:

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lol, No, I really cannot sing , An allergy affecting my chest is an nit of an isseue.

So, Nope, not singing here…