Nice to meet you! I'm Rowena from UK

Hi, thanks for having me.
I’m 33 year old and one year ago I started my Justin Guitar journey. I finally had time to learn guitar but needed learning support to be flexible, fitting around life commitments. I started using various YouTube guitar lesson videos and discovered Justin Guitar, hurray!

The website is interactive and clearly laid out and this was just what I needed. Since the Beginner App reboot I have been using the app instead because it is so easy to use and guides me nicely through each practice session.

I am currently on Module 13 (Grade 2) learning the Blues and loving it.
I am playing a Washburn acoustic guitar (I’ve owned since I was 18 and for many years it was just decorative!) and a Maverick electric guitar.
I don’t have any specific goals, I would just like to sound good one day!

I’m pleased that this community forum has been upgraded as I can now use it easily on my phone. It’s so nice to be part of this community, the support in here is awesome.

All the best, Ro


Hi Rowena, and welcome (again) to the community :smiley:
Haha, so this is the going rate for an open mic ticket these days, eh? :rofl:
I’m sure you think you sound good already (at least some of the time!).
They’re a nice bunch here.
Enjoy the journey.

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Well there you go, all small price to pay for a seat in our virtual auditorium. :wink:

Hi Ro and welcome. Well another person that’s restarted, so many of us like you but all is good. Not only have you found Mr Sandercoe but this warm fuzzy Community, to help if you ever get stuck. :sunglasses:

Welcome, Rowena! I also have a Washburn acoustic, bought it in the late 90s, and after a couple of attempts at learning, I finally got back to regular practice in 2020 when I started using JustinGuitar. Washburn is a pretty decent guitar for a beginner, at least that’s my take on it.

Good luck!

Welcome to the Community, Ro. I’m sure you sound good already, being deep into Grade 2. Sure not as good as your favourite guitar legend, but good none the less. Look forward to hearing you play.

Hello and welcome to the community Rowena. :slight_smile:

As someone famously says on here, “songs, songs, songs” and you will be sounding good in no time.

Hello Rowena and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Welcome, Ro! I would say that sounds like a pretty specific goal. Stay the course and you are sure to achieve it in the very near future, if you haven’t already.

Hi Rowena, great to have you on board. Glad to hear you are enjoying learning the blues, it was something I didn’t fancy but was hoping it was good to play. I don’t like classical but do enjoy playing it, so fingers crossed.

Glad your guitar is no longer just decorative. :smiley:

Greetings Ro and welcome! Gotta love the blues!

Welcome Rowena to the community. Look forward to following your progress and hopefully get to see an AVoYP.

Thank you everyone! :blush: That’s some nice support!