Night Train to Memphis - Barre Chords

Night Train to Memphis – Lee Rocker

Use E shape and A Shape Barre Chords.

  • E Shape – A, A#, B, B7, C, C7, C#
  • A Shape – E, F, F#

Improve rhythm timing using a chord sheet to play along with Spotify backing track instead of App Karoke style.

Find a A/V recording set up that I can use in a noisy environment.

  • Presonus USB96 interface, line out of amp connected to input 1 and tablet for backing track into input 2. Allows me to record amp effects directly onto video without using a microphone that would pick up background noise.

Sounding good Philip. Well placed barre chords, steady rhythm.

Hi Philip. Well you kicked your goals out the park. That was great. Next step. Get a basic backing track and sing that vocal yourself. You can do it. You’ve got the rhythm, chord changes and the timing down!

Bravo, Philip. You nailed the rhythm track … steady strumming throughout, clean chords with low E muted when required, smooth changes. Fabulous tone on the guitar.

The recording setup worked really well.

What did you use to make the recording post the USB96?

If possible I’d add a noise gate to cut the hum from the guitar when not playing that came through at the start and during the instrumental portion.

You could also experiment with panning maybe to blend your play with the BT, rather than hard pan left and right.

But those suggestions are nice-to-have, just my opinion, the recording and sharing was great. Oh and a fabulous song.

Great rhythm, Philip. Would also like to have had the backing brought up, so that the online listener hears a whole song performance in which your contribution is showcased. I realise this wasn’t your intention, just my thoughts.

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I used a Nexigo USB camera for the video and the Presonus USB96 connected to a Windows laptop. I used the WIndows camera App. So only the PC downstream from the USB96. I’ve been debating getting a USB mixer to help with the blending. I currently plug the USB96 headphone out into the aux on my amp to monitor the recording.

I will check my amp settings to see if the nosie gate was active and see if that helps with the hum. I was thinking that a mixer would help cut some of the noise and allow for a better mix. Like you said “nice to have” but i been thinking about a getting a mixer for a few months.

Thanks for you comments and sugestions.


Thanks for the details, Philip.

Given what you have described I suggest you try replacing the Windows Camera app with OBS first. Quite a number of us, myself included, now use OBS with a webcam and Audio Interface to make our videos. You can download it free from

You’ll find a lot of details how to get going with OBS in this topic. Using OBS with an Audio Interface on Windows for streaming to send to Zoom

OBS has a built-in noise gate filter that would be simple to use.

I think worth a try and all it cost will be a little time.

Thanks for your suggestion. I will take a look at OBS later this week. Lots to learn on this guitar journey. I spent 30yrs working in technology. I picked up the guitar to get a break from tech but looks like more apps, plugin’s, and hardward to learn about.

I may reposted an updated video of this song using open chords and barre chords in the first 4 frets and see how that sounds.

Thanks again,

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That’s a matter of choice, Philip. I have made recordings of me playing my electric guitar with a backing track plugged into the amp aux input. Control the level of the backing vs the guitar by balancing output volume from the device playing the backing and the amp controls. Video made with a mobile phone camera and uploaded to YouTube directly.

So all the other technology becomes a matter of what you want to produce and learn. I enjoy the technology side of recording, first it was just audio, now video. For me that is as much fun as learning to play and sing. Of course no free lunches. I expect I’d be a better player if all the time spent learning about interfaces and applications had been spent practicing my playing. But I’m more than content, and happy being a bit of a jack of all trades. Quite OK being a master of none, but rather making slow progress in all.

Each person charts their own course.

This was my inspiration for this song:

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That was really solid Philip. Great barre changes and great timing. I’d never heard the song before but I really enjoyed it.