Nightwish/Howard Blake "Walking in the Air" (Acoustic rendition)

So, this song was a long time coming. I had Howard Blake’s arrangement since maybe a year ago, when I was looking for lead guitar lines (it’s nothing fancy, simply uses Em and C scale, which we’ve learnt in Grade 2, I think), and I decided to connect some lead parts with Nightwish’s cover of the song, and make it in to a kinda more complex campfire’ey song for an acoustic guitar. Personally, I thought that it would be worse, but I kinda dig what I’ve made with it (maybe, next time I’ll add another introductory line of the song once I make a version two out of it after the last F-B7-E chord composition; and the outro that goes like daram-daram-daram-ra, daram-daram-daram ra with power chords lol).

On the other had, this was the first song when I actually had to use a Gm barre chord… and, it was not too bad, I managed to quickly go to it and from, it just sounds a bit choppy, cause I actually never practised chord changes to other barre chords (yet). And it made me realize I have to work on F to B7 chord changes more, I don’t like that I don’t land my fingers in places at one with B7.

Chords used: Am, G, Dm, F, Gm, C, B7 and E


I enjoyed the lead lines you threw in, Aurimas, and the rest sounded good. You’ve already picked up on a couple of things to keep working on. Being able to self-assess in that way is invaluable.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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Good to see you getting in to the Christmas spirit already Aurimas. :smiley:

That was good. Nice picking at the beginning and throughout.

Got to do those one minute changes, or it does show but you’ve already identified that.

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Haha, yeah, this is supposed to be an xmas song. Well, have time to correct the mistakes till then :smiley:

Refreshing to hear another variation on this “classic” I have only ever heard the original from the Snowman film. Good to see it played on acoustic. Will have to check out the Nightwish version for sure.

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