Nighwish - Deep Silent Complete [Acoustic]

So, didn’t think that I’ll be back so quick, because after my vacation-trip to Turkey I contracted some COVID and for about a week was not in a mood to record anything, but, inspiration took me, and decided to do a little interpretation of Deep Silent Complete on acoustic. Mind you, the original’s music is totally different (night and day, you can say), but I pretty much liked what I’ve created. Also, it was a good song to practice F chord changes on :wink:

Chords used: F Em Am Dm C G/B F/C A


Hi Aurimas
Good steady thumb strumming technique on show there and your chords were pretty clean too.

You need to change your posture. From the angle of your shoulders I’d guess you’re leaning your right elbow on your knee or on a chair arm. If that’s the case then you must get out of that habit ASAP. Also try to get your guitar a bit more flat against your body. You’re angling it so you can look at the fretboard. That’s a bad habit too.
I’ve said right elbow. Are you left handed? If not then you need to change your camera settings and it’s your left elbow you have to lift. :smiley:

I’d also advise shortening your video. That one was more than 5 minutes long!

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Hey, sair, regarding posture, well, I can’t change it while sitting on an office chair, if I sit upright and get the guitar flat against my body, the guitar’s body bangs on the elbows of the office chair and the desk in front of it is the only good place to put my phone for video-recordings, so… No worries, I do normal postures while sitting on a sofa.

You are coming along nicely Aurimas. That F chord is looking good.

Some great advice there from @sairfingers break those bad habits before they become to ingrained.