Nirvana - Come as you are (cover)

Here is a fun Nirvana “Come as you are” guitar project for me (and a bit of vocals) as well as collaboration with a friend of mine for the bass. This has 3 tracks of guitar, flanger rhythm, distorted rhythm, and distorted solo. Enjoy and as always appreciate any feedback! This was recorded on a Volt2 interface with Ableton Live 11


That was great Zoltan, nicely produced. Did you play to a click and add drums later?

Thanks, i rendered the drums to a wav file and played with the drums while recording

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Way to go Zoltan and your bass friend! That ‘was’ a fun listen.
Your guitar tones are real good for that song imho. Sounded real spot on to me.

Thanks for sharing that one.

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Zoltan that sounded really good.

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Thanks, a little bit of DAW tweaking to get the sound and mix right. I enjoy the production side of this process as well.

That was great, Zoltan. Nice work on the riff and the solo. Tone sounded great. I enjoyed the vocals too.

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Thanks, vocals are tough one, but feel gotta keep putting it out there to improve

Hi Zoltan,

Great job on the tone - really captured the vibe of the original.
Drums sound very good.
Vocal is tricky, but a worthy performance.

Always great to hear some Nirvana.


Digger, appreciate the comments. Vocals is not my forte, but will keep doing to improve…I do enjoy it however!

Nice chorus going on in your guitar tone, well executed cover!

Thanks Adi!

This has been up a while… But you did one I have heard before. I should as these guys cut their teeth in or near Seattle. I think this is the best one I heard you do. Though in one spot the vox mashes into the instruments too much for my liking. I did not check out the original on that. But I would bring up the vox there a bit… as I listen more I think the vox mix needs a bit of work… But overall a fine job.

Be well,

Really appreciate the feedback. Will keep in mind for next mix!