Nirvana cover pennyroyal tea

Thanks for your words Brian
I’m glowing after that!!
I’m pleased you liked it.
Been working quite hard on my guitar of late and I’m so pleased the general consensus is that this was a solid performance. :blush:

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Thank you so much Jason!
You have filled me with confidence. :+1:

Thank you Gordon. I’m pleased you liked it. :grinning:

I really liked it, both the guitar and the vocals.
You have a strong voice and an accurate hit to the notes, bravo!
A great dedication to Kurt.

Thank you Leo
Your words are very kind :blush:

Loved it!!!
Sounded cool both your playing and singing!!
Love that song and you played it well.

Well done :+1:

Thank you Trond
I really appreciate your feedback :+1:

@Strummer_of_69 well I thoroughly enjoyed that. I was never much of a fan of Nirvana but I loved the unplugged set on MTV and find myself listening to it quite a lot. You did it justice mate.

Thanks James
Really appreciate that :blush:

@Strummer_of_69 Listened to this brilliant cover a few times last week and revisited this week :blush:
I found it very inspiring, I’ve always been scared away from covering Kurt’s stuff for some reason. Your vocal was so powerful as well. Guitar work sounded just like Unplugged so nothing to add on that front either.
Loved it and keep the Nirvana covers coming!

Dont know how I missed this one. Terrific performance Jason. Would not be an easy song to sing either, and you nailed both the playing and singing - very emotive. Have to agree with others - the recording method actually suited the performance perfectly. Well done mate.

Cheers, Shane

Thank you Iain I really appreciate your comments.
Thanks for watching :blush:

Thanks Shane
Definitely one of Nirvana’s darker numbers and I tend to do dark quite well at the moment.
I really appreciate your positive comments.
Thank you :blush: