Nirvana cover pennyroyal tea

With what would have been Kurt’s 55th Birthday approaching I thought I’d try a cover of one of my favourite Nirvana songs. Pennyroyal tea.
Still needs some work and my guitar sounds awful on playback. It’s only a basic effort on my phone so forgive the crudeness of the recording. I think I need to invest in some decent recording equipment.
Any feedback would be appreciated


Well done Jason, sounded really good to me! Would be great to hear it using more advanced recording kit but it didn’t stop me from enjoying your version. Singing was spot on as well, would be a great piece for Community Open Mic :relaxed:

As you are playing the acoustic you could go with Bb barre chord in A shape at the end of the chorus verse when you sing Tea-aaa rather than a power chord, so first finger barre on first fret and third finger fretting strings D G B on 3rd fret. Going higher up the neck with power chords on acoustic somehow sound to me a bit muted, whereas if you stick close to open chords frets tend to sound fuller if that makes any sense.

Well done it was great, you might make me into visiting this wonderful piece! :slight_smile:

Jason, that was brilliant and a great tribute. Wonderful playing and singing.

55, wow, we are getting so old.

I look forward to more of your offerings in the future.

Thanks for your kind words Adi. I was trying to keep the chords as Kurt played them in the Acoustic MTV set.
I’m even in Eb tuning as I can’t reach the notes in standard :confused:

But I totally understand what you’re saying. I will certainly give that a go.
Thank you :+1:

Love it! One of my favorite albums. I sometimes play these MTV unplugged episodes in the background when I’m doing stuff around the house. No real feedback from me.

Thank you so much! I know what you mean. It’s hard to believe. I wonder what he would have accomplished had he stayed around…? :cry:

Thank you Joe. Very much appreciated.

:clap: :clap: :clap:

Excellent performance, Jason. I think the low-fi recording served this song pretty well, it sounded just like I can imagine him playing it solo. I thought you nailed the vocal as well, the phrasing and timbre on the chorus sounded ever so Kurt.

Look forward to more from you.

That was very good. The high notes were on point, and all the notes in fact. Yes the 90’s had the best music.

For recording it’s just a matter of balancing the vocals and guitar. The guitar tends to get picked up better, while the vocals can lose clarity. Some people put the phone real close to their face to pick up their vocals better. I use a microphone into an amp and put the phone next to the amp.

:rofl: that could spark a debate, not to be held in this Topic, maybe best not entered into at all :joy:


Nicely done! Good vox and play. I agree the guitar tone could be better. But it works and works pretty well. Keep up the good work!

Rock’n good times!

Not too shabby that Jason, not too shabby at all. :slight_smile:
A very good combination of guitar and vocal. Adrian names the Bb chord as a power chord. I see you laying your 3rd finger flat across three strings so you’re actually playing it as a Bbsus4. All good if it sounds good.

I thought that was great Jason.
Why on earth do you think you need more equipment/tech?
One guy with his voice and guitar, recorded on a mobile. That’s probably my favourite setup :smiley:
It’s what you do with it that’s important and, apart from the nice picking/strum combination and vox on point, what I enjoyed the most was that you allowed yourself to express your emotion in the performance.
I couldn’t make out if you said: “Thank you, fans” or “friends” at the end, but I’d be happy to count myself as either :wink:

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Ah, how refreshing to have an antidote to the Can older dogs learn new tricks? brigade :rofl:

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Sounded good, Jason. Loved your vocal, and I thought the kind of raw feeling to the recording worked fine for this song. A very worthy cover; I enjoyed it.

That was great Jason and as a fellow lo-tech recorder I thought the recording really suited the song. Well done.

As for the 90’s having the best music. Well……

Thanks for your feedback David. I can only thank you for such kind words :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks Nick
I do struggle with the high notes in standard tuning which is why I played this in Eb tuning. I believe Nirvana did the same.

Thanks LBro I’m pleased you liked it :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Richard
I’ve been occupied with blues studies over the past few months to the detriment of my contemporary repertoire. But I wanted to get this one in. I believe Kurt played his power chords in this way and would often hit the 3rd string when playing the 6th string root power chords.
The idea is to lay the 3rd finger in such a way as to hit the 5th and 4th strings and lift it just enough to mute the 3rd string.
Often it just lays too flat so you’re getting the Sus chord.
I tend to play all my power chord ls like this now.
I’m really pleased you like it :blush: