Nirvana - Smells like Teen Spirit

It’s a long time I didn’t post a video. I had a lot of stuff to do. I never stopped to play the guitar, but my session was only chilling out with some songs and stop. So I didn’t improve my skill so much. Now I have more time so it’s time to get back in the game.


Sounded the business to me, your time off obviously hasn’t caused you any problems.

Hi Skuilla that was great, especially as you played acoustic! Well done and glad to see you back to it :slight_smile: couple comments only: sounded to me a bit like you were entering the chorus a tiny bit late however you managed to catch up quickly which is a good thing.

For the solo I think there is a bend rather than slide but I do get it is trickier on an acoustic so again all good.

One thing I would work on though is during verses you were letting the high E string too quickly so sound was sort of cut off. I would try to hold it as long as you can before sliding up on higher strings down the neck.

All in all fab performance and well done!

Sounding good. Keep it up!

Hi Skuilla,
Sounded good :sunglasses:, and good of you that you picked it up…I wish you lots of fun,

Nothing wrong with chilling out with some songs, Skuilla … you can call it consolidating :rofl:

Great play along, enjoyed it!

Way to go Kurt Cobain. Overall to me it sounds like you are doing very well and haven’t lost any skill after taking a break from playing. I agree with one person’s comment that you were late on the chorus a bit, but not bad. This is a great song to practice power chords. I see you are looking at the guitar a lot when picking individual notes. I have the same problem, have yet to figure that out. Thanks for sharing-great job!


That was really good, especially with it being done on the acoustic as well. It gave it a different take, which I liked.

Came off really well on the acoustic Skuilla, as others have said if that’s after some time off you’re in a good place!
Thanks, enjoyed that.

Hi Skuilla,

Great job - nailed that percussive strumming style.
Acoustic sounded good against the electric backing.