Nitsuj Module 2 - Practice 1

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Hi, there! At the end of the practice (22:22) the final minutes of Module 1 - Practice 4 has been added to the video. Not the end of the world, just wanted to let you know.
BTW this method is a world class idea! Seeing you facing the same struggles that I do during practice tells me that I’m not alone, and keeps me motivated. Thanks a lot, Justin!


Yup, sounds just like me! Thank you, Nitsuj!

Reaaly nice to see the struggle. I just bought my own guitar after having some of a family member and it seems i have to start over again

Hi Alex, If this feels disappointing at first, do try to embrace it! I think you’ll be surprised how effective Justin’s teaching approach is, and how quickly you’ll make satisfying progress. Heck, recently I went back and redid all of Grade 1 and the Grade 2 lessons I’d gone through to date. For me, it was worth the time.

BTW-welcome to the community! If you have a minute, pop over here and introduce yourself!

It seems at the end there was a cut from Module1 practice. I don’t know if it’s on purpose, but I quite enjoy it.

I was not able last week to play all song (finger hurt + weak chord change) and I went to the three play along quite easy at the end, was good. It was the first time I was even grooving with the music and naturally make my strumming pattern DDUDUD on the last song and felt the music forgeting everything else. I really enjoyed it.

It can be nice to put some random piece of previous practice at the end sometimes to see the progress :slight_smile:

That sounds fantastic, Thibauld :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

I agree, it can be so much fun practicing, when a practice session ends on such a positive note. I even started writing my Learning Log here after such a positive guitar playing experience, since it made me that happy…

BTW-welcome to the community! If you have a minute, pop over here and introduce yourself!