Nitsuj Module 2 - Practice 3

Yes there is a practice session missing! I misplaced the video file and wiped the SD card!

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Hey Justin ! I see that your RIGHT foot is a little bit higher than the left . Do you use a footstool ? I tried lifting mine a bit and it felt a lot better to play in every way . Is it ok for a beginner to use a footstool ? What is your opinion ?
Thanks !

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I would like to know as well. I know that in classical guitar we used to use a stool (over 25 years ago for me), although I believe we put the guitar (and stool) on the other leg…

Hi Manos. I don’t think Justin does use a foot stool but if it helps you go for it. The most important thing is good posture, good position and comfort while playing.
Cheers :blush:
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Practicing along daily with Justin and I have gotten further in two weeks than I had just using the app and course on my own. Loving these!

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