Nitsuj Module 2 - Practice 5

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I started learning guitar about 4 months ago now and already know a lot of the basic stuff, lot’s of the common chords. Watching one of Justin’s videos about the importance of not looking at your hands while you play made me realize that this series is still perfect for my stage.

I know the chords with my eyes already, so I have been doing all the practices without looking at my hands at all, pretty surprising how fast you learn to see with your fingers! Definitely going to do all of them this way, I know the pay off will be huge later on :grin: :+1: :+1:

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Good on you @Fncanuk :slight_smile:

Another unapologetic bump in this section (until encouraged to do otherwise!)

This is a great reference point for those benchmarking against Justin to help them weigh up whether or not to move on from Module 2. This is the point where he decides “Yep, I’m ready for the next Module”.

I’m on the fence with my progress but after watching this just now I am confident that I could make the move now, but my naturally cautious demeanour means I’ll do another day on Module 2 to reinforce things before moving on.

Watching this video showed me that there are a couple of extra A-D-E songs that I can try so I’ll probably focus a bit more on songs tomorrow to get used to chord combinations with that additional pressure of being up against the clock.