Nitsuj Module 3 - Practice 1

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I like how dedicated you are trying to learn guitar left handed. It really is motivating to practice along.


Hello @DadaGuku and welcome to the Community.
Justin will be delighted to know how it is inspiring and motivating people.
He opted to go through the hard weeks and months of starting from scratch just for this - and as a means of testing out the new learning course he had crafted for effectiveness.
Cheers :smiley:
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Thank you for these lessons Justin, thoroughly enjoying them! Subscribed to the app too!

Hi, for the Moves like Jagger, what is the strumming patter for this lesson? Is is 2 down strums as in the song video or is it 4 strums DDUD as Justin si doing?

Welcome, Cosmin.

It’s unlikely anyone will see your question under this topic.

I suggest you create a new topic, with the title “Moves Like Jagger - strumming pattern?”, or something similar.