Nitsuj Module 4 - Practice 2

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Overall, I’m enjoying and learning. I think your left handed practice sessions may be fake at times though. I have followed along every practice session so far. I can keep up with you in the 1 minute chord perfect changes. We can both do 30-40 changes per minute.but then you start playing songs at 126bpm that require chord changes on beats 1 and 3, and miraculously you can do it. That’s an average
Of 63 chordchanges per minute. How did you instantly go from 30-40 changes per minute to over 60 in same practice session?!?! Again Im learning a lot but it would be better if you were transparent with students. It’s very discouraging to hang with you 1 minute then you double your speed and accuracy magic! Lol

Hi Thad,
I have not looked at it, but could it not be very possible that when it really comes down to, for example, this song(s), someone with so much experience and urge to perform, can give just a little more at such a moment and this speeding through specific chords and can do something more suddenly? Even I sometimes “suddenly” do something much faster or think very well than WOW…that seems to me at least a bit more logical than Justin manipulating things a bit…with so much experience, sometimes something will suddenly go much faster than with us ordinary mortals on guitar, and he will therefore very perhaps sometimes hold back with a progress in a single area in order not to go completely “out of balance” … maybe… .But I would just assume the most positive,…Doing all those hundreds of lessons over again to see what he can improve for beginners???, Only for that he can get the nobel prize from me… … I wish you good luck and most of all have fun with your lessons and please look at it with a happy face :smiley:

Thank you for the suggestion here about using a thicker pick for non-strumming exercises. I had a much easier time today with the Sunshine of Your Love riff using a medium rather than a thin pick.