Nitsuj Module 6 - Practice 3

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I think this is the video in which you wondered out loud if anyone was watching these (Mod 6 Practice 3). I piddled with a guitar most of my life, but decided to started from scratch a little less than two years ago at the tender age of 64. I never watched any of the Nitjun series, it was hours of extra time for what? I finished Grade 1, dabbled in Ear Training and Theory, and watched some of the videos on scales and blues (why not jump ahead, that’s what I want to learn?). But I had a very hard time sitting down for a half hour and practicing. Gladwell’s 10,000 hour threshold was never going to happen. I questioned everything I did in practice, wondered if anyone else’s back hurt like hell after half the session, couldn’t know if I was doing everything right or wrong. If only I had a buddy that sucked more than me so I could compare notes and I wouldn’t be embarrassed. ENTER NITSUJ! Complaining all the time, cursing at yourself, tiring by the end of every practice and sighing relief at every conclusion. You are my perfect guitar practice BFF! I went back and started practicing from the first Nitsuj videos, and now I love practicing and I can feel comfort setting in in my playing. Nitsuj might be your very best idea and the most useful early training videos in your arsenal. Thanks Nit, my bud.