Nitsuj Module 6 - Practice 4

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Hey Justin, about your Ipad with the crap battery. Lithium Ion batteries (so this is true for cellphones and laptops as well) wear out the fastest if you discharge completely (or nearly), then plug it in and charge to 100%.

They actually will actually work longest if you charge from like 10%-30% and charge to around 80%. These batteries only have so many cycles, when you charge to 80% it will use for example, 0.20 cycles, if you charge to 100, it will use an entire cycle. So you can literally get about 5 times longer battery life by paying attention to this and doing it as a habit.

There is an app called Accubattery that is fantastic for this. It shows this, and you can put it so that when the phone or device hits 80% (or whatever you set it to), it will play a sound so you know to unplug it.

I always just plug in my phone for like 30 minutes at a time (or till 80%) when I know I won’t need it, like when I’m practicing with Nitsuj :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: