Nitsuj Module 7 - Practice 1

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Is it possible to add the title of the songs you’re attempting to the edge of the Nitsuj videos? Thanks!

@al_in_sc This particular video has in the NOtes below,

Nitsuj decides to add Heart Of Gold into his song repertoire.

Also, when he is playing along with songs on the App, they show up on screen. I’m not sure what extra info you would want. Now the videos are edited and live, they will not be re-edited to add in a song title. Have you come across any Nitsuj videos where he plays a song and you don’t know what it is called?
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I can’t express how much I appreciate this! Thank you Justin - I mean Nitsuj. :slight_smile:

Hello @judi and welcome to the Community.

Glad yo’re enjoying it and finding it useful.

Justin really polled out all the stops to learn like this.

Cheers :smiley:
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